Auto Accident Chiropractors in Kendall

Being involved in an auto accident is a terrible experience and one that we honestly wish no one has to go through. Still, the grim reality is that most people will be involved in a car accident by the time they reach 34, and the average American is involved in three accidents during their driving lifetime.

Not all car accidents result in injuries; in fact, the vast majority of accidents are actually very minor, and everyone involved walks away unscathed. Still, sadly that’s not the case for every accident or the case for every injury.

Your Legal Responsibility

In the state of Florida, to be legally insured in your car, you must carry Personal Insurance Protection (PIP), this insurance covers you in an accident, regardless of whose fault the accident is. You must also visit an accident doctor near you within 14 days of your accident to comply with your insurance policy, again, no matter whose fault the accident was.

Some injuries may not present themselves straight away, or a bruise or pain you thought was just a small problem, to begin with, may build and get worse over several days. It’s very common for injuries to take a few days to really manifest and start to cause problems in your life. That’s why it’s important that you visit a car accident clinic near you within the 14-day period to ensure that any injuries are covered.

Why Visit a Chiropractor

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, the likelihood of you needing to see an auto accident chiropractor near you is incredibly high. The spine is one of the strongest yet most delicate parts of your body. It takes a lot of your weight and helps with flexibility as well as houses some of the most vital nerves in your entire body, such as the spinal cord and the sciatic nerve.

A broken leg or a broken arm can be painful, and they can even leave you with long life issues, but a broken back or even just a strained back can be life-threatening. So many times, you’ll hear stories of people who were involved in auto accidents that were millimeters away from paralysis. These stories may be shocking, but they can be serious.

Accident chiropractic doctors are specially trained osteopathic doctors that deal with neuromuscular issues, those that are to do with muscles and nerves, and especially concentrated on the spine and back. A chiropractor at an accident therapy clinic can manually manipulate the spine or offer up some at-home exercises that someone can do to really improve flexibility and the health of the patient’s back. The back pain therapy offered by an auto injury doctor near you can make a massive difference in a person’s life.

Chronic Back Pain

It’s estimated that over half of American adults suffer from back pain. Car accidents aside, this number is just too high, especially when many could be fixed and be living a much happier and healthier life without pain.

Chronic back pain can lead to all sorts of problems, from depression to low mood, irritability, and even addiction to over the counter or prescription pain killers if it’s not managed correctly. Your back pain may not fully go away, but an appointment with our professional chiropractors at our car accident injury clinic in Kendall will be a significant step towards a pain-free life.

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