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Auto Accident Clinic Hollywood

Auto Accident Clinic Hollywood

You have 14 days to start treatment with a chiropractor in Hollywood after a car accident in Florida. If you start within this period, your auto insurance provider will cover your medical costs, so long as you are going through your insurance company and not settling matters privately with the other driver.

We can help with minor accident injuries, we can help if you first needed urgent medical attention and are now looking to follow up with secondary care, and we can also help if you have physical chronic pain like arthritis or acute low back pain. Our methods are holistic in nature and work with your own body’s recovery systems, meaning we can help ease away your pain and improve your recovery rate.

Auto Accident Clinic Hollywood Auto Accident Clinic Hollywood Auto Accident Clinic Hollywood

We customize the treatment plan for each of our patients, so you’ll have access to your own licensed chiropractor and physical therapy specialists. Not only that but with several medical physicians and pain management doctors on board, you know that the treatment you get will be right for your recovery from the moment you schedule an appointment.

How We Can Help Your Auto Accident Injuries

Seek medical treatment from a top-notch auto accident clinic in Hollywood, and you’ll get more than chiropractic care. You’ll enjoy physical therapy, massage therapy, and personalized treatment from pain management experts.

We can handle your injuries, and the only thing you need to remember is to start treatment within that two-week time limit from your auto accident so your auto insurance can cover your costs. If you missed this deadline or are suffering from an old accident injury, don’t worry. We also accept health care insurance.

Spinal and Back Injuries

Book an appointment for a great experience when dealing with spinal and back injuries. These can be very severe, and unlike bruising, they don’t always heal up fine on their own. You may be facing ongoing pain, tingling, burning, and other similar experiences along your back or even down your legs (sciatica) after an accident.

Neck and Cranium Injuries

The most delicate auto accident injuries are those that affect your neck and cranium. These can be easily worsened without the right care, even from experienced chiropractors. That is why you are always checked over by our neurosurgeon, who will give the green light if you are good to start treatment with a Hollywood chiropractor. You get this check-up and consultation as standard from the moment you call or make an appointment online with our auto accident clinic in Hollywood.

Joint Injuries

A talented chiropractic physician can help a lot. Chiropractic adjustment can go far, but we are very familiar with its limitations. That is why for joint injuries, we have several physical therapy treatments that can help ease tendon and joint pain at the source.

Muscle Injuries

Between our physical therapy treatments and our massage therapists, you will be more than satisfied with the service you’ll receive for your muscle injuries following a car accident. Our specialists can help reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and address pain and stiffness right where it hurts most.

Injury Recovery

Our Hollywood auto accident clinic is highly recommended for minor injuries and secondary recovery for more serious injuries. If you were initially hospitalized, continue your treatment with our team. We can provide holistic pain management and speed up your recovery all at the same time.

Have Chronic Pain? Come to Us

Our treatments aren’t just good for accident injuries. They’re also excellent for those who have chronic conditions that, quite frankly, cannot be fixed. They either don’t have a cure, or they are a condition that gets worse over time. In either situation, don’t worry. We are here for you in every way you need. Our treatments are holistic at their core and work to diversify your pain management strategy, so you don’t have to only rely on pain medication to get through your day.

We Accept a Variety of Insurance Policies

We accept auto insurance coverage, medical insurance coverage, and compensation claim coverage. Come to us if you are with big names like Florida Blue or Ambetter, and of course, get in touch if you have travel insurance and are just visiting our sunny state. We are more than happy to go through coverage options with you.

Get Started at Icon Medical Today

All you need to get started at Icon Medical is to get in touch with our team and book your first consultation. It doesn’t matter what you need because our treatments are personalized, and you are guaranteed to have the care your body needs when it needs it. We are happy to offer transportation services and legal aid services and are happy to treat you in Spanish rather than English if you find that more comfortable.

We offer this and so much more, so get in touch with our team to start your treatment today.