Auto Accident

Auto Accident Doctor in Aventura

Auto Accident Doctor in Aventura

It is highly recommended that you start treatment with a chiropractor in Aventura after a car accident. Your health care should never be put second. Treatment from an Aventura chiropractor can make all the difference for your accident injury, especially if you seek medical treatment, not from any old licensed chiropractor, but a full-service auto accident doctor like Icon Medical instead.

Let us treat your accident injury. We can offer chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy, massage therapy, and so much more. Not only do you get access to all these treatments in one go, you get your rehabilitative treatment plan personalized and created just for you.

Auto Accident Doctor in Aventura Auto Accident Doctor in Aventura Auto Accident Doctor in Aventura

All you need to start enjoying all the benefits of our physical recovery is to book an appointment, and then you can start feeling the difference for yourself.

There are many reasons why you need the great experience of chiropractic care after an auto accident.

Chiropractic care works to relieve pressure from your spinal discs. It can remove pinches along your spine and work to free nerves and blood vessels alike. The adjustment you receive also feels incredible, like a great stretch, allowing you immediate and ongoing benefits from just a few minutes’ worth of treatment.

As a full-service auto accident doctor in Aventura, we offer so much more than chiropractic adjustment, and a good thing too, because though chiropractic care does wonders for back and spine related injuries, it is limited when it comes to treating the full scope of accident injuries.

In particular, heat therapies reduce pain, muscle stiffness and improve circulation, but that’s just the surface of what we can offer. We also have infrared therapy, mechanical traction therapy, and more to address injuries at their source, no matter what they may be.

Massages are wonderful. They are treats when you want to feel good, but when it comes to helping encourage the recovery of damaged tissue and muscles, they can feel like a godsend. Combined with the treatment you can get from a chiropractic physician, you have everything you need to say goodbye to your back and neck pain after an accident.

This is because medical massages offer many great benefits that even our physical therapy treatments cannot. They work out muscle stiffness, feel great, and boost circulation through the muscles to heal your body faster and more efficiently. You will be 100% satisfied with the service our therapists can offer and will want to go back to treat yourself again in the future.

For very specific, targeted pain that a licensed chiropractor nor a physical therapist can handle will instead be taken care of by our board-certified pain management physicians. Their treatment is more reserved for those who initially needed urgent medical attention at a hospital and are now continuing their physical rehabilitation after being discharged.

You have three pain management injections to choose from, but don’t worry because the entire process, including the injection itself, is handled only by our medical team.

Our osteopathic doctors can treat all types of physical injuries, both received during an auto accident and any other type of accident or attack. If you need to be hospitalized and receive urgent care, let us be part of your secondary recovery. Wounds need to heal, and bones need to be set, yes, our physical therapy and chiropractic team can help you manage your pain and improve your recovery time significantly.

We Accept Coverage from Your Health Insurance Company and Auto Insurance

As a medical clinic, it is important to remember your options. You aren’t forced to pay for your treatment personally at Icon Medical. You can schedule an appointment and enjoy coverage through your health care insurance. You can get covered through your auto insurance. The only difference between the options you choose is the rules in place.

With car insurance, for example, you have 14 days of your car accident to start treatment. If you went to the hospital, then that has already begun, so you can continue to enjoy coverage for your full rehabilitation as necessary. Otherwise, you will need to go through your health insurance, which we accept for non-auto accident injuries and for chronic pain conditions alike.

Get Started with Your Treatment and Book an Appointment Today

Schedule an appointment and let us help with your neck pain, your acute low back pain, your muscle, or joint pain. We can help you recover in so many ways, and all it takes is a simple call or to make an appointment online with our team. As your treatment is and always will be personalized for you and you alone, you’ll get nothing but the best treatment at Icon Medical.