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Auto Accident Doctor

Auto Accident Doctor in Key Biscayne

Auto Accident Doctor in Key Biscayne

Icon Medical is not just any chiropractor in Key Biscayne. We are actually a full-service auto accident doctor. What this means, is that you won’t just get the great experience of a chiropractic physician when you start treatment with us, but also be able to enjoy treatments from physical therapists, massage therapists, and medical physicians too.

There is no better place to go if you need a licensed chiropractor after a car accident, because if you need a chiropractor, chances are you are also feeling stiffness and pain elsewhere in your body.

Auto Accident Doctor in Key Biscayne Auto Accident Doctor in Key Biscayne Auto Accident Doctor in Key Biscayne

Why spread out your treatments amongst different clinics when you can get them all in one, easy place? Let us deal with your auto accident injuries, your whiplash, your acute low back pain and whatever else. All you need is to book an appointment, and you’ll feel the difference.

Start Treatment within 14 Days of Your Car Accident

It is imperative that you schedule an appointment and start your treatment within 14 days of your auto accident. This is not a rule we have put into place, but Florida law.

The reason why there is this deadline is that your auto insurance must cover your costs if you have been in a car accident. You could have been the one at fault in the situation, or completely innocent, but either way, you are entitled to medical health care.

The only time you don’t have to worry about calling or making an appointment online in time is if you required urgent medical care. We cannot help with emergency treatment, but we are here for your secondary recovery after you have been discharged.

Missed the Deadline? We Accept Health Insurance Too!

We are a medical clinic. This means we are more than the best auto accident doctor in Key Biscayne. We can treat injuries from all times of accidents, so come to us if you have a sports accident injury, or a slip and fall accident.

We can even help those with a chronic pain condition by providing holistic pain management treatments that allow you to diversify your treatments away from medication. Together we can help you reclaim a better sense of normal.

As you won’t be able to go through your auto insurance for these types of injuries, it’s only right that we accept some of the biggest insurance providers in the state, so if you are with Florida Blue, Ambetter, or Cigna insurance company, know you can get chiropractic care and physical therapy from Icon Medical.

Reasons to Choose Icon Medical as Your Key Biscayne Auto Accident Doctor

We want you to be more than satisfied with the service you receive when you seek medical treatment with us, which is why we work to always to give you more reasons to choose Icon Medical.

Personalized Wellness Plan

We check you over for any underlying conditions and concerns and also work to create a personalized wellness plan just for you. This includes treatment like chiropractic adjustment from a top Key Biscayne chiropractor and physical therapy treatments, massage therapy, and even pain managing injections for targeted relief when you need it.

Nationally Accredited

We are proud to be Nationally Accredited by The Joint Commission and to have our efforts at providing the best in care and the highest standards of service recognized by such a reputable agency.

Medical Staff

Our Medical Director is a board-certified emergency physician. Additionally, we have a neurosurgeon who specializes in the types of brain and skull injuries common in car accidents. We also have pain management physicians. In short, your entire treatment will be overseen by medical experts, who will also be there to make sure your health is safeguarded through the whole process.

Transportation Services

There are so many reasons why you won’t be able to get to our clinic. If you aren’t allowed to drive on your medication, you are recovering from injuries or if you don’t have someone to drive you let us know, and we’ll organize for transportation.

Choose Between English or Spanish

We want you to be comfortable when you get treatment, so if that means being treated in Spanish rather than in English, let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Get Legal Help

If you are pursuing a legal case, then let us help. We’ll work with your lawyer to get the information that they need.

And More

We want you to be comfortable and happy with your treatment choice the entire way through, so let us know if there is anything we can do. From changing the treatments to customizing the ones you are enjoying, we will strive to help in every way we can.

Start Treatment Today

Our clinic is high recommended, our treatments are spectacular, and we accept multiple forms of insurance. There is every reason to improve your recovery with us, so start your treatment and get in touch with our team to get started!