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Auto Accident

Auto Accident Doctor in Miami Lakes

Auto Accident Doctor in Miami Lakes

Never let an accident injury fester. It is dangerous and runs the risk of becoming a chronic problem. A back injury you suffered in a car accident can quickly become acute low back pain that never seems to cease if you aren’t careful. The reason why this pain might not go away on its own is simple; if the problem isn’t addressed (in this case, your spine), then you can never get the relief that you need. Instead, the problem will only get worse as time goes on.

We offer a great experience to all of our patients from the moment they call or make an appointment online with our highly recommended clinic. Not only will you enjoy chiropractic adjustment, which would fix that back problem in minutes, we will also work to create the perfect treatment plan comprising massage therapy, physical therapy, and even professional pain management.

Auto Accident Doctor in Miami Lakes Auto Accident Doctor in Miami Lakes Auto Accident Doctor in Miami Lakes

The best part is that, as a medical clinic, you can get your care covered by your insurance company. We accept some of the biggest health care insurance providers, like Florida Blue or Cigna, and so long as you start your treatment within 14 days of your auto accident, you can also go through your auto insurance.

All it takes to get started is to book an appointment, from which time you’ll have access to all of our great services and expertise.

Explore Our Services

Our services are ideal for those who suffered minor injuries after a car accident or those who have been discharged after receiving urgent medical attention and now require secondary care. We can help with bruising, back and neck pain, and joint pain. We can also help your recovery after your broken bones have been set and after cuts and burns have healed past a certain point.

You are not alone during your recovery, not with our excellent team and exceptional treatments.

Chiropractic Care

Almost all auto accident injuries can benefit from a chiropractic physician. Your neck is one of the most delicate areas of the body, and your seat belt doesn’t strap it down. It is why even a minor accident can cause whiplash, but thankfully a chiropractor in Miami Lakes can take swift care of such injuries and help you get back to your normal quickly.

Pain Management

We have two pain management physicians on staff who are here to help develop the perfect holistic pain management treatment plan for your injuries and who are also available to provide pain managing injections. They are board-certified and have decades of experiencing managing pain between them, and you gain access to their expertise from the moment you schedule an appointment.

Physical Therapy

Chiropractic care and physical therapy alike are essential for those with chronic pain and accident injuries. Where chiropractic adjustment works to help spinal-related pain, physical therapy takes care of the rest. It can help reduce pain in your muscles and joints, improve circulation (and, in turn, telling your body where to heal), and of course, works to improve your recovery rate.

You will be 100% satisfied with the service and range of treatments we offer. Not only are they extensive, but we are also always on the hunt to add new treatments for our patients to enjoy.

Meet the Team

Our team is what makes our clinic so special. It’s important to have a dedicated, hardworking team in any situation, but our specialists mean that we can help treat and improve many lives.

Our Medical Director

Our medical director is a board-certified emergency physician. He knows exactly what to look for and how to help a multitude of injuries.

Our Neurosurgeon

Our neurosurgeon specializes in the types of brain and skull injuries that are common in auto accidents and other types of accident injuries. Only with his go-ahead is that chiropractic adjustment will commence, as an unaddressed spinal injury could be worsened without that medical seal of approval.

Our Pain Management Physicians

We have two board-certified pain management specialists. One is certified to practice in two states and works in multiple clinics to provide pain relief to patients from all walks of life.

Our Chiropractors

Your Miami Lakes chiropractor is one of the best, guaranteed. We have only hired extremely talented and dedicated individuals who will make you feel comfortable and at home while they work to improve your physical recovery.

Start Your Treatment with Icon Medical Today

Seek medical treatment from a licensed chiropractor, physical therapist, and a medical team all at once by getting in touch with our team. You will enjoy the best treatment possible and be able to enjoy coverage from your insurance provider. Don’t let your accident injuries get the better of you and treat yourself to the care you’ll receive at Icon Medical.