Auto Accident Doctor


Auto Accident Doctor in Opa-Locka

Auto Accident Doctor in Opa-Locka

When you seek medical attention and require a chiropractic physician to overcome your injuries, there is no better solution than Icon Medical. We are the top auto accident doctor in Opa-Locka, and as a medical clinic can accept coverage from your auto insurance and your health care insurance company.

However, if you are going through your car insurance, it is important to note you have 14 days to start treatment. However, if you needed urgent medical treatment and were hospitalized, don’t worry because your coverage has already begun.

Auto Accident Doctor in Opa-Locka Auto Accident Doctor in Opa-Locka Auto Accident Doctor in Opa-Locka

There is no reason to suffer from injuries after a car accident, just as there is no reason to deal with the pain of recovery after you have been discharged on your own. We can help treat those who have been in an auto accident, boating accidents, sports accidents, and slip and fall accidents.

The fact is, if you have been bodily harmed and want to improve your recovery, choose Icon Medical. We don’t rest until you are 100% satisfied with the service you receive.

Injuries We Can Treat at Icon Medical

As we offer both physical therapy and treatment from a licensed chiropractor, we can help with many common injuries following any kind of accident:

  • Neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Joint injuries
  • Muscle injuries

Visit Us for Secondary Care

Chiropractic care and our holistic pain management approach are ideal if you were hospitalized with serious injuries. Though you will need to be patient and heal to a certain point, know that we can help your physical recovery from there. We can help with the pain and work to improve the speed and efficiency to which your body naturally heals itself.

See Us for Holistic Pain Management

Our treatments aren’t just for those with accident injuries. If you suffer from a chronic condition that affects your muscles, tendons, joints, or spine, we can help. A chiropractic adjustment is ideal for chronic and acute low back pain, just as our heat therapies are perfect for arthritis and bad knees.

Why You Should Choose Icon Medical as Your Auto Accident Doctor in Opa-Locka

There are so many reasons to choose Icon Medical as your Opa-Locka auto accident doctor.

Medical Team on Staff

We are a medical clinic. For this reason, we can accept health insurance, and why as a clinic, we come so highly recommended. You don’t want to leave your auto accident injuries in the hands of a non-medical professional. There are so many complications and concerns that may not be immediately apparent after a car accident – not even to you.

Our medical team ensures that you get the best possible care for your injuries, even if that means recommending you go to the hospital or get an MRI done for any possible skull fractures or brain injuries.

That kind of guarantee is hard to come by, but it is essential for peace of mind when enjoying the treatment.

Exceptional Chiropractors

When it comes to a chiropractic adjustment, you want the best licensed chiropractor working with you, which is what you get at Icon Medical. We only work with the best chiropractors in Florida, so you will get the best possible treatment from the moment you schedule an appointment with our team.

Transportation Services

We know it can be painful to take public transport. We also know that there are many reasons why you wouldn’t, shouldn’t, or can’t drive yourself. That’s why we offer transportation services for all of our patients. This can be offered throughout your treatment, for a one-off afternoon when your designated driver cannot make it, or any other schedule of your choosing.

Legal Aid and Insurance Support

When you book an appointment with our team, we want you to have a great experience – an experience we don’t believe is possible if you are stressing about your insurance provider or about a compensation claim. That is why we are happy to work with your attorney to put together any information and evidence that they need to help them win your case.

Bilingual Treatment

Enjoy a treatment in either English or Spanish. Just let us know which you would prefer when you call or make an appointment online.

Nationally Accredited by the Joint Commission

You will get the best possible treatment for your accident injury and your chronic pain. How can we guarantee this? We have been Nationally Accredited by The Joint Commission, which is a governing body that sets high standards for clinics like hours.

Ready to Get Started?

You will get the best Opa-Locka chiropractor, physical therapist, and medical team when you choose Icon Medical. As we accept a variety of insurance and coverages, chances are you can get the treatment you need for as long as you need. We are here to help you manage your pain, improve your spine, and speed up your recovery.