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Auto Accident

Auto Accident Doctor in Palmetto Bay

Auto Accident Doctor in Palmetto Bay

For a great experience when healing from your auto accident injuries, start treatment with a high-quality auto accident doctor in Palmetto Bay, such as the ones offered by Icon Medical. You don’t just want to seek medical treatment from any old chiropractor in Palmetto Bay, you need a clinic that is run by doctors and, more importantly, offers a solution for everything from your joints, to your muscles, to your acute low back pain.

What makes us so much different than the average Palmetto Bay chiropractor is the fact that we are a medical clinic. We are run by a medical director, we have a neurosurgeon, we have pain management experts, and because of these specialists, we can accept auto insurance and coverage from your health care insurance company. If you are here for physical therapy after an auto accident, be sure to start your treatment within 14 days of your car accident.

Auto Accident Doctor in Palmetto Bay Auto Accident Doctor in Palmetto Bay Auto Accident Doctor in Palmetto Bay

If you are here for any other type of accident injury, however, you can go through many other types of insurances as well to get treated by us. We accept some of the biggest names, like Cigna, Ambetter, and Florida Blue, and also accept compensation claim coverage and worker’s compensation insurance too.

You will be 100% satisfied with the service and results you will get from Icon Medical, so book an appointment today.

Why Do You Need Chiropractic Adjustment?

There are many reasons why you should enjoy our highly recommended chiropractic care for your injuries. Back and spinal related injuries are more likely than others to become chronic pain, for one, but that’s just the start. Your spine is one of the most sensitive and most important components of your body. Your car accident could have damaged your spine in ways that you aren’t even aware of, that only manifest after time has passed. It is these hidden injuries that can become complicated or worsen without supervised care from a chiropractic physician.

When you choose a Palmetto Bay auto accident doctor, however, you don’t need to worry about this risk. We have a neurosurgeon who checks over your injuries, and only with his approval will you get started with a licensed chiropractor.

The benefits are massive. With chiropractic treatment, you get:

  • Instant pain relief
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved strength
  • Improved flexibility
  • Reduction in headaches and migraines
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved immune response

Why Do You Need Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy covers a wide range of treatments. We offer heat therapies, massage therapies, mechanical traction therapy, infrared therapy, and electrical muscle stimulation therapy. What do all these therapies have in common? They work to address pain in the muscles and joints while also working through any stiffness in the area.

The most significant universal benefit of these treatments, however, is the fact that they work to encourage blood flow to the damaged areas. This encourages the body’s natural healing process to work where you need it most. This isn’t to say your body cannot heal without the treatment, but bruised tissue is notorious for being swollen and damaged, making it more difficult for your body to heal these areas without external help.

Why Do You Need Pain Management Injections?

If you first needed urgent medical treatment from a hospital, then chances are your pain is much deeper than most of our clients. This does not mean that we cannot treat you, just that we will need to be gentler during the initial phases of your recovery. When you schedule an appointment with our team, you will be working with our pain management physicians, who have several options for targeted relief so that you can recover more peacefully, and without over-relying on medication.

What to Expect When You Book an Appointment with Icon Medical

As soon as you make an appointment online or call us, you are already part of our family. We will do our best to make sure that you are cared for and comfortable throughout the entire process.

To start, we will organize a consultation with our team of osteopathic doctors. It is essential to check over your injuries and to determine if you are ready to start treatment with us, or if you need to first heal or even go to a hospital for a serious concern we have. If you are ready to start treatment, we will draw from our wide range of treatment options to build you the perfect, personalized wellness plan.

This wellness plan comes with many great optional services. For example, if you need help getting comfortably to our clinic, we can arrange for transportation services. If you are not confident or comfortable speaking English, we also offer our services in Spanish. We are here to help you in any way we possibly can, and this applies to both our clients with accident injuries and those with chronic conditions.

Don’t put your recovery at risk and start your treatment by getting in touch with our team. With so many ways to cover your rehabilitative costs, you are guaranteed to get the full recovery care you deserve.