Auto Accident Doctor


Auto Accident Doctor in Plantation

Auto Accident Doctor in Plantation

It’s wise to seek medical health care after a car accident because there are far too many ways for your accident injury can develop into a chronic pain condition. Your neck and joints are not restrained when you drive, so if you are hit with enough force, they are the primary injuries points that you will endure a lot of pressure.

That’s why, after any form of accident, you should visit a great chiropractor in Plantation. Of course, a chiropractic physician can only truly help with spinal related conditions, which is why a full-service auto accident doctor in Plantation is a must.

Auto Accident Doctor in Plantation Auto Accident Doctor in Plantation Auto Accident Doctor in Plantation

We are the perfect destination for your recovery because you’ll have a great experience from the moment you book an appointment. You can benefit from transportation services, from the option to be treated in English or in Spanish, and of course, have a personalized treatment plan created just for you.

All this means is that you will be 100% satisfied with the services we offer. So, get in touch, and enjoy treatment from medical doctors, a licensed chiropractor, and physical therapists.

When to Use Your Auto Insurance for Treatment

If you live in Florida, then you are covered by Florida law, which stipulates that your auto insurance must cover your medical costs after an auto accident. There are only two instances where this wouldn’t apply:

One is if the damage is minor and you and the other driver decide to handle the matter privately, rather than go through your car insurance company. In these instances, you are likely unhurt, as the damage will be very minor, and the force put on your body is minimal.

The other instance is if you take longer than 14 days to seek medical treatment. After all, waiting more than two weeks to get treatment for your auto accident injuries does indicate that they weren’t that serious.

It is important to note that if you needed urgent medical care and were sent to emergency services, then the coverage automatically applies.  

When to Use Your Health Insurance for Treatment

There are instances where you won’t be able to go through your auto insurance, and that is perfectly acceptable. As a medical clinic, first and foremost, we can treat injuries from almost every type of accident, and in those instances where we can’t, schedule an appointment with us after you have been discharged from the hospital so that we can help with your secondary recovery.

We accept a variety of Florida health insurances, including Ambetter, Cigna, and Florida Blue.

Come to us for chiropractic care, physical therapy, and pain management. We can help with accident injuries and chronic conditions alike. Many who suffer from inoperable conditions like osteoporosis, for example, benefit massively from a regular chiropractic adjustment.

We also have treatments ideal for those with fibromyalgia, arthritis, and many other chronic issues that have no single cure. By offering you these tremendous holistic pain managing treatments, we can help you reclaim your day and reduce your pain at the point of contact.

What to Expect from Icon Medical

You can expect nothing but the best from Icon Medical. We have worked hard to be the best auto accident doctor in Plantation and come highly recommended in the medical community. You’ll get so much more than what any other Plantation chiropractor has to offer, because you can expect:

1. Great Communication

From the moment you make an appointment to your last session, it will always be easy and simple to get in touch with our team both at the clinic and at home.

2. Effective, Personalized Treatment

We start with a consultation and medical check-up, so let our team know if there are any pains you want us to address, like acute low back pain or arthritis, and we’ll work that into our treatment plan on top of your accident injuries.

3. Optional Services to Make Your Treatments More Comfortable

We have many optional services to make your treatment more comfortable. Need help getting to our clinic? We can pick you up and bring you back home. Need legal help to win you a compensation case? We’ll work with your lawyer. Prefer to have your treatments done in Spanish, instead of English? We can make that happen too.

4. Nationally Accredited Services

Our clinic is Nationally Accredited by The Joint Commission, which sets out high care standards for chiropractic care, physical therapy, and rehabilitative clinics like ours.

5. A Caring Team

Our team is made up of superstars in their field. From our medical staff to our incredible chiropractors, they are all dedicated to what they do and believe in helping others wholeheartedly. You’ll feel like you’re being welcomed into a new family here at Icon Medical.

All you need to start enjoying all these benefits is to call or make an appointment online with our team, so get in touch today!