Auto Accident Doctor


Auto Accident Doctor in Sunrise

Auto Accident Doctor in Sunrise

Start treatment with the best auto accident doctor in Sunrise by calling or making an appointment online. It is fast, easy, and once you make that first move, we’ll take care of the rest.

We want you to have a great experience, whether you seek medical treatment immediately after your car accident or needed urgent medical care and are now looking for a secondary recovery clinic while you heal further from your wounds.

Auto Accident Doctor in Sunrise Auto Accident Doctor in Sunrise Auto Accident Doctor in Sunrise

Auto accident injuries are our specialty, but our talented team of osteopathic doctors can handle injuries from all walks of life. It is why we come so highly recommended. Not just because we are Nationally Accredited, but because we can help regardless of whether you were in an auto accident, a workplace accident, a sports accident, or more.

We offer it all. Chiropractic care. Physical therapy. Medical pain management. We have everything you need to deal with injury recovery or even chronic conditions like acute low back pain.

Get treated by the best chiropractic physician and physical therapists, all with the guarantee that only a medical team can provide.

Why Do You Need a Medical Clinic for Your Accident Recovery

If you want to be completely satisfied with the service you receive from your treatment, you need an auto accident doctor in Sunrise, not just a chiropractor. As a medical clinic, we can do things that regular clinics cannot, like safeguard your health and accept a variety of insurance coverages.

Safeguarding your health is the most important reason we can offer. You don’t want just any Sunrise chiropractor to work on your back injury after an accident. There may be hairline fractures, bruising, or other serious issues that you are not fully aware of just yet.

Until you have a specialist, like our neurosurgeon, come in, you won’t know if the chiropractic adjustment you are looking for will help or hurt you.

At Icon Medical, the treatments you receive will ever only help with your recovery, guaranteed. Our medical team will always monitor your progress and your health, so you only get the best possible treatment.

Use Your Health Care or Auto Insurance

Because we are a medical clinic, we can accept coverage from your health insurance company, your car insurance company, and more. We accept coverage from some of the biggest providers in the state, like Cigna or Ambetter.

However, when it comes to going through your car insurance, know that while you can get your treatment with a chiropractor in Sunrise covered, you must start that treatment within 14 days. Your health should start early, anyway, so book an appointment with our team to get started.

What You Get When You Choose Icon Medical as Your Auto Accident Doctor in Sunrise

There are so many great reasons to choose Icon Medical as your go-to auto accident doctor in Sunrise.

1. Personalized Treatment Plan

It doesn’t matter what your injuries are from or whether they can be healed or only dealt with. We deal with accident injuries and chronic conditions every day, and our treatments provide benefits for all types of recoveries.

How can we offer this? It’s easy. We have many different types of treatments available; more importantly than that, each one of our patients has their very own personalized wellness plan. This way, we can help you in the ways you need. It also means that you are in charge throughout your recovery.

2. Holistic Pain Management

You need a pain management solution that doesn’t rely solely on medication. This holds true for those who are healing after an accident and those who have a chronic pain condition that can never truly go away. Our treatments do wonders for pain management and can help our patients in leaps and bounds.

3. Improved and Targeted Recovery

By encouraging circulation in the hurt and healing areas, we can tell the body where you need your white blood cells. This, in turn, will work to improve your healing rate and how effectively your body can mend your wounds.

4. And More

We offer transportation services, bilingual services, legal aid services, and more. We are here for you so that you can enjoy your tomorrow.

Schedule an Appointment Today

The best thing about choosing Icon Medical for your car accident injuries is that you don’t have to leave. We are an all-in-one, full-service clinic that will work to cater to your specific injuries. There is no flitting from one clinic to another to get the treatment you need.

Instead, you can develop a real bond with your licensed chiropractor, physical therapists, and doctors. You can build that essential trust and have the freedom to explore and customize your treatment throughout your time with us.

We are here to help, and all it takes to get started is to book an appointment with our team.