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If you are looking for an auto accident doctor in Little Havana, you want a comprehensive team at your disposal. One doctor is not a team, no matter how good they are. That is why here at Icon Medical Centers, we have several board-certified osteopathic doctors on our staff, and our licensed chiropractors come to us at the top of their class and with years of experience.

You will be in nothing but the best care as you receive your chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage therapy, and even medical pain management for your auto accident injuries. An accident injury, if left untreated, can become chronic pain before you know it. The fact is, however, that you do not need to live with acute low back pain or whatever other types of pain you are suffering with. You can get targeted relief with a personalized wellness plan that our team will develop just for you.

Why Use an Auto Accident Doctor in Little Havana for Your Recover?

There are so many great reasons to choose our Little Havana chiropractor and auto accident doctor as your top choice.

Reduce Your Pain at the Source

We offer many different treatments that will help treat and reduce your pain at the source. From heat therapies to electrical muscle stimulation and even infrared therapy. From chiropractic adjustment to mechanical traction therapy. We can help joint pain, spinal pain, and muscle pain alike.

Improve Strength and Mobility

There are two ways that injuries affect your strength and mobility. One, by making it painful to move and to go through your day as you usually would. Two, by interrupting the body’s natural processes. Healing from a large cut takes time, but our services can help encourage circulation into the affected muscle tissue to encourage healing and allowing you to build up strength properly.

Where this matters most, of course, will be your spine. Spinal adjustments make the biggest difference to your every day, especially after an auto accident. There is a lot of weight and force involved and combined with the life-saving seat belt many spines take a big hit during an accident. With chiropractic adjustment, we can remove pain and allow you to stand strong once again.

Address Old and Lingering Injuries

We do not just help those with new injuries. If you have chronic conditions or old, lingering issues, we can also help you address those once and for all. We can help those with arthritis, with spinal conditions, and so much more.

Start your treatment and make an appointment online with our team. Once you do, we will set up a consultation, and you will begin your treatment with our incredible Icon Medical Centers Team.

Introducing the Icon Medical Centers Team

We have an incredible team at Icon Medical. You will meet with our medical doctors, and our experts once you schedule an appointment. Together, we will all work towards the best recovery after your accident.

We also offer assistance for accident victims and help you to deal with your car accident injury insurance claims and liaising with your personal injury attorneys to ensure you get the compensation that you deserve for medical bills and loss of wages.

Expert Medical Personnel

We have board-certified medical personnel on our staff. Though we are not a good fit for those, who need urgent medical care, with a neurosurgeon and an emergency room physician on board we can help assess the damage and make the right recommendations for your recovery.

Exceptional Licensed Chiropractors

Your chiropractor in Little Havana will be the best of the best. We have a chiropractor that graduated the top of her field. Another that comes to us with a background in sports health. Another still that has been in the business for over a decade.

They are the best of the best and are the perfect people to provide you with the chiropractic adjustment and physical therapy treatments you need to recover.

You will be paired with your own chiropractic physician, and together you will go through your body’s needs and your preferences. If you need a gentler touch, we can provide this. If you want the classic cracking treatment, then we are here for you. No matter what, you will get the best in treatment for you, and no one else.

Start Your Own Personalized Treatment Plan Today

You will be more than satisfied with the service you will receive here at Icon Medical Centers. Just remember to seek medical treatment from us within 14 days of your auto accident. By Florida law, your auto insurance provider must cover your health care costs if you start treatment within that time frame following an accident.

There’s no reason to go through your medical insurance company and have to pay a premium or even risk being denied the coverage you deserve when you are already insured.

Our highly recommended clinic is Nationally Accredited, run by doctors, and has an exceptional and talented team. This and more are why you will have a great experience, guaranteed, so book an appointment today and get started with your own personalized treatment plan towards a better tomorrow.

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