April 30, 2020

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Bootcamp Exercises For Beginners

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There are many workouts you can do that will help you to get into better shape and strengthen your muscles. One option is to start with boot camp exercises for beginners in order to give your body the foundation it needs to improve over time.

It would help if you took a few minutes to warm up and loosen your muscles before diving into your workout. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after you complete your exercises.

Always listen to your body and stop if you ever feel discomfort or are winded and need to catch your breath.

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is an excellent boot camp exercise for beginners that will allow you to warm up properly. It’s a great cardio option that will enable you to work on your breathing and endurance. Switch it up by mixing your routine with a boxer’s jump, basic jump, and a crossover jump.

High Knees

Doing high knees is a bodyweight cardio drill that you can work on next. Begin by running in place with your hands in front of your body. Face your palms down and tap your palms to your knees as you alternate your legs. Try to perform high knees anywhere from thirty seconds to a minute, take a break, and then repeat.

Squats with A Medicine Ball

A good use of a medicine ball is to do a squat while you hold it. You’ll be working on your strength and building muscle during this boot camp exercise for beginners. Hold the ball over your head and then bring it down between your legs as you bend down. Make sure to keep your feet shoulders distance apart.
The better you get at it, the more intensity you can add by jumping while you bring the ball to the ground.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are a popular choice for those interested in boot camp type exercises. Put your body in a plank position and then alternate, bringing your knees to your chest. You’ll not only be working your arms and legs, but also your abdominal muscles during this move.


While burpees are challenging, they’re typically a part of any boot camp workout. It’ll require you to squat down to the floor, placing your hands down and feet back and then popping up to a standing position. The jump should be explosive, and you should reach your hands above your head as you get up. As you progress from the beginner level, you can add a pushup as you go down to the ground before you pop back up.


Another boot camp exercise for beginners is called a plank. It’ll require you to hold yourself up using your elbows (or hands) and your toes. It’s best to start with your elbows as a beginner at this move. For the plank exercise to be most effective, it’s recommended you try to hold it for at least sixty seconds. As you get stronger, you can challenge yourself to hold yourself up on your hands and go for longer.