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Post Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment in Miami & Hollywood, FL

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can happen to anyone at any time. They are extremely serious injuries that can have major effects on a person’s cognitive functions and skills, communication, behavior, and ability to feel different sensations. Traumatic brain injuries not only drastically affect the person who was injured, but their families and other loved ones as well since the injury and recovery can be life-altering, disruptive, and long.  

Those who suffer from a traumatic brain injury can see a drop in quality of life, as basic functions may become quite difficult or even impossible. Some may require assistance for a short period of time, while others may require long-term care following such an injury. 

Traumatic brain injury causes

A traumatic brain injury is typically caused by a blow to the head. Common causes that lead to traumatic brain injuries include falls from a bed, ladder, downstairs, or in the bath or shower, violence including gunshot wounds, knife wounds, or other kinds of assault, a vehicle-related accident, a serious sports injury, or an explosive blast or other combat-related injury that comes from being active-duty military personnel. 

Risk factors for traumatic brain injury

While an accident can occur to anyone of any age at any time, causing a severe brain injury, there are certain demographics that are at greater risk of injury. Children, particularly newborns up to four-year-olds, are at risk of shaken baby syndrome caused by violent shaking. Young adults, especially those aged 15 to 24, are at a higher risk as the brain has yet to be fully developed; adults aged 60 or older have an increased risk as well. 

Additionally, there are people who are at risk of brain injuries due to the nature of their jobs, including military personnel, athletes in a full-contact sport like football and construction workers. 

Major types of injuries

Brain injuries are typically categorized into two types: nontraumatic and traumatic. Traumatic brain injuries happen because the person experiences a blow, strong rotational injury, or shaking, all of which can damage the brain. There are a few types of traumatic brain injuries that people can suffer from after such an injury. 

A closed head injury occurs when there is a strong blow to the head that does not penetrate the skull but does cause the brain to swell inside the skull. Closed head injuries can cause a concussion, which is an impairment in brain function, as well as a contusion, which is a bruise or internal bleeding in the brain. Another type of injury is a penetrating injury, also known as an open head injury, where an object like a knife or bullet penetrates the skull. 

Traumatic brain injury symptoms

The brain is an incredibly complex organ. Injuring it in any way can result in a wide range of signs and symptoms, including psychological and physical issues. Symptoms could appear right away or could take days or even weeks to appear. The signs and symptoms of a traumatic brain injury depend on the severity of the injury. 

If you have suffered from a mild traumatic brain injury, your physical symptoms could include confusion, dizziness, a short loss of consciousness, headaches, drowsiness or lethargy, nausea or vomiting, difficulty sleeping or sleeping much more than usual, and problems with speech like stuttering. Your vision can become blurry, you could experience a sudden sensitivity to sound or light, and you may experience memory problems, mood changes, or feelings of anxiety or depression.

A more severe brain injury can result in any symptoms of a mild injury, as well as a loss of consciousness that can last minutes or hours, a persistent headache, seizures or convulsions, clear fluids running from your ears or nose, loss of coordination, numbness in your extremities, repeated vomiting or consistent nausea, and the inability to be woken up from sleep. Your speech could be slurred, you could feel incredibly confused, agitated, combative, or exhibit other unusual behavior, and you may enter into a coma. 

When to see a doctor for traumatic brain injury

Head injuries are serious issues and the severity of them should not be taken lightly or underestimated as leaving an injury of this nature unchecked can have dire consequences. If you think you are experiencing symptoms of a head injury, you should seek immediate medical attention. Always immediately see a doctor if you experience disorientation, confusion, or loss of consciousness. If you do not visit a doctor or the emergency room straight after your injury occurs and your symptoms persist for a day or two, seek medical help right away. 

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