Brickell Chiropractors Near Me

Brickell Chiropractors Near Me

You will be 100% satisfied with the service of Icon Medical’s chiropractic physician. You’ll be able to get the physical therapy and chiropractic adjustment that you need to help you manage and recover from your accident injury. In some cases, like auto accident injuries, chiropractic care and physical therapy are the best way to help you move on from your car accident.

As a medical clinic, you can and should get your care covered through your insurance company. It is highly recommended that you go through your medical insurance for most situations and injury types, though that advice changes if you have been in an auto accident.

Brickell Chiropractors Near Me Brickell Chiropractors Near Me Brickell Chiropractors Near Me

In those situations, you’ll need to start urgent medical rehabilitation from a clinic like ours. You have 14 days to start your treatment under Florida law and have it covered by your auto insurance, but the good news is that this coverage applies even if you were the at-fault driver.

Chiropractic care and physical therapy from one of the top Brickell Chiropractors near me can do wonders for your accident recovery and offer these great benefits:

How Chiropractic Care and Physical Therapy Can Help with Your Accident Injury Recovery

There are so many reasons why you should book an appointment with a licensed chiropractor. However, there are many more reasons to choose Icon Medical as your choice of Brickell chiropractors near me. Our team of osteopathic doctors can help you recover from almost every injury, from an auto accident and slip and fall injuries all the way to unexplainable acute low back pain.

We are a premier health care provider, and when you start treatment with us, you’ll be able to enjoy these top benefits:

Pain Management

When our clients come to us with an accident injury, one of their primary concerns is how our treatments can help them with their pain. The good news is that our treatments are all designed around their holistic pain management benefits.

We work to reduce your pain by either fixing the source of your pain (for example, if there is a pinched nerve along your spine) to decreasing tension and stiffness to help your body relax and feel better.

Boosted Circulation

From our chiropractic treatment to our physical therapy treatments, one of our treatments’ common benefits is increased blood flow and circulation. At the end of the day, it is still your body that will need to fix the damage and heal you. By improving circulation, we make it easy for your body’s white blood cells to get to where they need to be so that you can heal more efficiently.

Reduction in Stiffness

Stiffness can reduce your flexibility and cause serious pain. Using massage therapy and several heat therapies can reduce that stiffness and give your muscles a much-needed break.


We have a few treatments that also work to detox the body. Our lymphatic drainage massage works to help the body flush out toxins from the body, and our infrared treatment naturally detoxes the body.

Improved Immune Response

The body and brain communicate with one another. The brain sends most of the signals, yes, but studies have shown that the body itself sends critical information to the brain as well. One of the signals that the body sends is when it finds a virus. If there is a pinched nerve or your spine is misaligned, that signal can become corrupted, so to speak. By improving your spinal health and by detoxing your body, we can naturally improve your immune response.

How Chiropractic Adjustment and Physical Therapies Can Provide Holistic Pain Management for Chronic Conditions

If you have a chronic condition in your spine, muscles, or joints, then you must seek medical treatment from a chiropractor in Brickell. Holistic pain management is the best way to deal with chronic pain. We cannot stop the pain entirely, but we can help you manage it. Our treatments make pain medication more effective, and some of our clients rely solely on our treatments to help them enjoy a better life.

Improved Mental Health and Wellness

Being able to enjoy your day with less pain and an improved physique is great for mental health and wellbeing. There is also no reason why you couldn’t enjoy regular treatments, even several times a week.

Holistic Pain Management

You need more than just pain medication to help you manage your chronic condition. Our treatments work physically and provide you with immediate and effective relief without adding to your medication dosage.

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Ready to start enjoying holistic and effective pain management? Want to give yourself a great experience during your recovery? There is no better destination than Icon Medical. We are the best Brickell chiropractor choice and offer you everything that you need to get better and feel great. Just call us, or use our online form, and you can schedule an appointment today.