Car Accident

Car Accident Chiropractor Brickell

Car Accident Chiropractor Brickell

Chronic pain is not what results from all car accidents. Sometimes there is barely any problem at all. However, some people who have been involved in an auto accident will have to suffer from chronic pain, and it can occur many hours, days, weeks, or even months after the initial accident.

There are 16,500 car accidents every day, and some of those people involved will certainly have chronic pain in their backs, neck, shoulders, legs, hips, and arms because of what happened. Regardless of who was at fault or how the accident occurred, the result can be life-changing in a very negative way.

Car Accident Chiropractor Brickell Car Accident Chiropractor Brickell Car Accident Chiropractor Brickell

As an expert car accident chiropractor Brickell, Icon Medical Centers has excellent licensed chiropractors on hand to assist with that chronic pain from auto accident injuries. We know that the site of pain isn’t the only thing to bear in mind.

Although it is important to use chiropractic adjustment to help reduce the pain and improve the range of movement here, it’s just as important to investigate as much as possible. That ensures that every element of your health care is dealt with in a professional, efficient manner that leads to long-term results.

Why Pain Is A Problem

If you are suffering from chronic pain brought about by a car accident, you’ll have no doubt about how it can affect your everyday life. Some days you might be in more pain than others, and pain management will certainly help, but just as there might be good days, there will also be days when the pain is almost too much to bear, and you cannot go to work, take the kids to school, or do anything other than stay in bed. This is when urgent medical chiropractic care is required (and ideally before this stage), and why you should schedule an appointment with Icon Medical Centers as soon as possible.

It doesn’t actually matter whether your chronic pain is excruciating or bearable. It shouldn’t be there at all, and it doesn’t have to be when you make an appointment online to see the expert chiropractic physicians at Icon Medical Centers.

When you do this, and you receive professional chiropractic adjustment, your life will change for the better – you will be able to enjoy yourself again, earn a living, and do so much more. Your pain management won’t even be something you have to factor into your daily routine. The difference will astound you.

Our Years of Great Experience

If you need to seek medical help from a car accident chiropractor Brickell, come to Icon Medical Centers. There are no other chiropractic care clinics in the area that can do as much or go to such lengths as Icon can and will.

Even urgent medical assistance can be given because of the great experience we have in taking care of a huge number of patients over the years – we’ve seen it all and can heal it all. Schedule an appointment and speak to one of our team members, whether that’s a licensed chiropractor, a physical therapy practitioner or even an emergency doctor, and you can start your journey to recovery immediately.

Our great experience has meant that our past patients have highly recommended us time and time again. It means that we know exactly what chiropractic adjustment to carry out to change your life for the better. It means we can create the ideal bespoke treatment plan for long-term health care. Icon Medical Centers is your first choice for car accident chiropractor Brickell.

We Go Further

If you go to a regular Miami chiropractor, what will you get? You’ll see a licensed chiropractor who will carry out chiropractic adjustment and send you on your way. At Icon Medical Centers you get more – a lot more. We go further for our patients and if that means we take a little more time with them, we’re happy to do it, and it means that our patients are always satisfied with the service we can give them.

Yet not everything we do is about chiropractic care. Our team of osteopathic experts can do plenty more that helps our patients and makes us a highly recommended car accident chiropractor Brickell. One of those things is speaking to your insurance company. Car insurance can be problematic when you’re not sure what to say or what information to give, or when you have to relive a traumatic car accident.

This is why we take on the burden for you, liaising with your insurance company to provide as much detail as possible about what happened. In this way, your claim can be processed quickly and accurately, and you don’t have to think about it. We can even talk to third party insurers, and if need be, we will attend court to speak on your behalf.

When we say we go further at Icon Medical Centers, we mean it. Schedule an appointment online and start the process as soon as you can and that way, your life can be taken off pause.