Car Accident Chiropractors in Kendall

Being in a car accident is no joke; even the smallest of accidents can cause significant and life-changing injuries. It is your legal responsibility to visit an accident doctor near you within 14 days of the accident to get checked out.

This legal requirement is there both to cover you for insurance purposes and to ensure that a professional can assess your injuries to make sure you haven’t done anything worse than you initially thought. Many injuries take a few days to present themselves. Still, a trained doctor at a car accident injury clinic will be able to examine you in such a way that they will be able to tell if you’re likely suffering from a more significant issue.

Common Back Injuries

If you are unlucky enough to be involved in a car accident, there are numerous injuries that you may end up with, but the most common of these are some kind of back injury. Back and spinal injuries can be a huge problem because the spine houses some of the most important and the most delicate nerves in the body, yet it needs to be able to be flexible and move in all kinds of directions.

It’s this flexibility that is the spine’s downfall in an auto accident. You may be thrown around the car in all sorts of directions, causing the muscles and ligaments around your spine to tense up, sometimes locking painfully and not allowing you to move.

Here are some of the more common back and spinal injuries that our professional accident chiropractic doctors see in Icon Medical Centers’ accident therapy clinic in Kendall.

Ruptured (or ‘bulging’) discs – The discs in your spine (the cushion part between the boney vertebrae) have been described as acting an English jam donut. The cakey donut is the disc, and the jam filling is the fluid inside the disk. When the disc (or jam donut!) gets repaired or compressed, that fluid can escape and leak. If the fluid leaks into the spinal column, this can cause all kinds of problems from serious back pain right up to paralysis. The osteopathic doctors at our car accident clinic near you in Kendall can help treat this condition.

Muscle and Ligament Strain – moving awkwardly or sharply can cause the muscles and ligaments to tense up and stretch, this will cause a strain. This is more likely to happen if you aren’t in the best of physical shape, and a deep muscle or ligament strain can cause serious problems for life if it’s not treated quickly. Muscle spasms are a byproduct of muscle strain, and muscles that are in spasm may tense up, trapping nerves and blood vessels, causing all kinds of painful repercussions. At our auto accident chiropractor near you in Kendall, these strains and spasms can be treated with back pain therapy, exercises, and medication if needed.

Fractures and other injuries – Your spine is made up of the cushion-like disks and the boney vertebrae. Although it is fairly rare to fracture or break your vertebrae, either in general or as a result of an auto accident, it’s not unheard of, and the results can be deadly. There are countless stories of people walking around for years with a ‘broken’ neck, something that is obviously inadvisable.

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