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Car Accident

Car Accident Doctor in Palmetto Bay

Car Accident Doctor in Palmetto Bay

At Icon Medical, you will have your own licensed chiropractor, as well as access to a range of physical therapy and massage therapy treatments. Best of all, we have osteopathic doctors on staff who will be with you every step of the way while recovering from your accident injury.

There are so many reasons to choose us as your car accident doctor in Palmetto Bay, so schedule an appointment with our team today and get the urgent medical rehabilitation you need to get back up on your feet.

Car Accident Doctor in Palmetto Bay Car Accident Doctor in Palmetto Bay Car Accident Doctor in Palmetto Bay

Our Chiropractic Care Services

When you search for a great chiropractor in Palmetto Bay, know you cannot get better than our chiropractic team here at Icon Medical. Not only can you get effective relief, even for serious acute low back pain, but you can also have your treatment covered by your insurance company. We help those who are suffering from an accident injury to those dealing with chronic pain conditions. Whatever you need, we are here for you.

Mechanical Traction Therapy

For example, one of the most popular treatment options we offer for those recovering from their auto accident injuries is mechanical traction therapy. Your chiropractic physician will use a machine to gently pull on your neck in this treatment, releasing tension from along your spine. You will enjoy the stretch, and your joints will breathe a sigh of relief as pressure is released from your spinal discs.

Chiropractic Adjustment

We offer many of the best chiropractic care treatments right here at our clinic. They are ideal for overcoming the worst of the injuries you can suffer in a car accident and customized to suit your needs and preferences. If you aren’t comfortable with the standard chiropractic approach, we offer more gentle treatments.

Our Physical Therapy Services

Joints, muscles, backs, and necks alike can all be injured in an auto accident, which is why it is highly recommended that, for a great experience, you also start physical therapy treatments. Physical therapy works to relieve pain and improve the recovery in your joints and muscles and is the perfect companion for chiropractic treatments.

Paraffin Wax Therapy

In our paraffin was therapy treatment, for example, joints and bruised areas will be submerged in a warm, liquid wax. After several layers have been built up, we will allow the wax to cool and, in the process, will enable the heat to penetrate deep into the damaged tissue.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Therapy

EMS works wonders if you are experiencing muscle pain and spasms, and can “reset” the muscles, so-to-speak. It is not for everyone, but that is why we have a medical team on hand, to ensure that the treatments you receive are a good fit for your recovery.

Hot/Cold Therapy

In this treatment, we will alternate using hot and cold. The results are effective and immediate and allow us to reduce swelling and boosting circulation simultaneously so that the body can begin to heal the affected area faster and more efficiently.

Infrared Therapy

Infrared therapy offers so many benefits, but first and foremost is effective in relieving pain, decreasing muscle tension, and improving blood circulation. Don’t worry about this light therapy, either. Unlike with the sun, there is no UV radiation of any kind so that you can enjoy all the benefits without the potential damage.


By putting the body in near-freezing temperatures, we can work to reduce swelling. This is done either on an affected area or for the whole body.

Moist Heat Therapy

Moist heat therapy is a great treatment for easing tension and spasms in the muscles.

Our Massage Therapy Services

Massages also play a key role in your recovery, and we offer a wide range of options so that you can pick which one feels best for you. All of them typically offer the same benefits and will work to decrease muscle stiffness and knots, while also boosting the circulation to the damaged area, so your body can heal it more effectively.

Our Pain Management Services

We offer several pain management injections, which will be handled and performed by board-certified pain management doctors.

Let Us Build the Perfect Treatment Plan for You, Today

All you need to seek medical health care treatment from our team is either book an appointment on the phone or make an appointment online. If you get in touch with us and start your treatment with our Palmetto Bay chiropractor and physical therapists within 14 days, you can even get your auto insurance to cover your treatment. You’ll be more than satisfied with the service that we offer, and you can have all of your costs covered, just by starting your recovery early!

So, don’t dally, and get in touch with us after your car accident for an effective, comprehensive rehabilitation treatment plan.