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Car Accident Doctors Hollywood

Car Accident Doctors Hollywood

Holistic pain management is one of the most important strategies to have when recovering from a serious car accident. It isn’t wise to over-rely on pain medication, especially narcotics, and diversifying your pain management strategy with a chiropractic physician and physical therapy is a great way to move forward.

All you need to get started with the best holistic pain management treatments is to schedule an appointment with one of the best Hollywood car accident doctors available, Icon Medical. As soon as you book an appointment with our team, you will have access to many great treatments and medical professionals.

Car Accident Doctors Hollywood Car Accident Doctors Hollywood Car Accident Doctors Hollywood

Together you will be in the best possible hands, regardless of whether you are here with acute low back pain or are checking in after receiving urgent medical care and want to follow up with some physical rehabilitation.

We are the best car accident doctor, physical therapist, and chiropractor in Hollywood. We are highly recommended for our services and treatments, and we customize them to suit your recovery.

Our Treatments

Our treatments are perfect for those who need help recovering after an auto accident. Not only do they cover all types of injury recovery, but our treatments can also be financially covered through your auto insurance. All you need is to start treatment with us within 14 days of your car accident to go through your auto insurance company.

Once you do, we will set you up with a consultation with our medical staff, who will check your injuries over, refer you to a specialist if necessary, but otherwise get started by creating the perfect treatment plan for you. 

Pain Management

We want you to have a great experience when dealing with your accident injury and facilitate this, and we offer many pain managing solutions and strategies to choose from. You can either go along with a strict physical rehabilitation route, or you can take advantage of our pain management physicians and get targeted relief with the help of our injections.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy treatments are ideal for auto accident injuries and chronic pain issues alike, making Icon Medical ideal to seek medical treatment from regardless of your situation. We can help as easily with acute low back pain and arthritis issues as we can with your car accident injuries.

Massage Therapy

Massages are a wonderful way to treat and encourage recovery in your muscles. This can be from severe bruising or to help you recover after a surgery or deep laceration. Healing tissue can become stiff and painful, but we can keep the stiffness and pain away with our massage therapies. In the process, we can also encourage circulation through the injured area, giving your white blood cells the chance to do their work.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic adjustment from a licensed chiropractor is the ideal way to handle any neck or back injury following a car accident. If you suffered from a chronic issue beforehand that was worsened in the accident, know that you can benefit from our services as long as possible, though you may need to go through your health care insurance company instead of for ongoing care.

Our Services

You can take advantage of our additional services from the moment you put a call into our team or make an appointment online.

Personalized Treatment

To ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the service you’ll receive from our team, we work to personalize your treatment plan to your body and your recovery. This means that it can be tweaked and adjusted to suit your preferences and adapt as your body heals.


It can be very stressful, painful, and flat-out impossible to travel when you are seriously injured. That is why we offer optional transportation services to all of our clients. This can be a one-off trip if your loved one cannot make it, or it can be an ongoing service we offer throughout your treatment.

Legal Aid

We know exactly what an attorney needs to help you win a compensation case. Just let us know that you are in that situation and put us in touch with your lawyer. We will work with them to provide the evidence and even expert testimonials, as necessary.

Why Icon Medical?

There are so many reasons to choose Icon Medical over any other Hollywood chiropractor. As a medical clinic, we have the tools and equipment to handle your injuries in ways that a regular chiropractor simply cannot. Not only that, but we offer more services and treatments, meaning you won’t need to go anywhere else for your secondary care.

Enjoy the peace of mind that only medical staff can bring and the comfort and relief that only our team of expert chiropractors can offer. We are a Nationally Accredited clinic for a reason, and the reason is our high standards of quality.