Car Accident Doctor


Car Accident Doctors near Hollywood

Car Accident Doctors near Hollywood

For a truly great experience with your after-injury recovery, you want to have it covered by your insurance company. This applies both for an accident injury all the way to chronic pain. Only then can you get the full-scope service that your body needs to rehabilitate, and in some cases, even speed up its recovery.

Living with pain is not easy, which is why you deserve to have a comprehensive, diversified pain management strategy in place. Chiropractic adjustment from a licensed chiropractor can do wonders for spinal-related pain and pressure, and physical therapy and massage therapy can handle aches in your joints and muscles. We offer that and more at Icon Medical from the moment you seek medical treatment from us by calling or making an appointment online.

Car Accident Doctors near Hollywood Car Accident Doctors near Hollywood Car Accident Doctors near Hollywood

Be treated by a highly recommended Hollywood chiropractor and physical therapist, and also have access to an entire medical team that is made up of an emergency physician, a neurosurgeon, and pain management experts. There are so many reasons to choose Icon Medical as your car accident doctor near Hollywood, so book an appointment today.

Why Icon Medical

When you have suffered auto accident injuries, our commitment is to you, individually. You won’t find yourself stuck in a one-size fits all approach, nor will you suffer from poor quality care. You get nothing but the best of the best here because we are committed to you. The following reasons can give you an idea of what this is the case:

Nationally Accredited

To start, we are a Nationally Accredited clinic. This accreditation comes from The Joint Commission, which oversees and sets high standards of care for clinics just like ours. We were accredited when we exceeded those standards, so you can be sure you are getting the best possible treatment for your injuries.

Great Support Services

We want it to be comfortable and easy to get treatment. To help you enjoy this, we offer two services that we believe everyone will benefit from.

To start, transportation. You may need us to organize transportation for you every single session you have. You might only need a one-off afternoon because your loved one had another appointment they had to get to. Regardless of whether it’s once or every time, our transportation services are available to you.

We also offer all of our clients the option to be treated in Spanish as well as in English. There is nothing more frustrating than not understanding your medical professional, which is why we offer Spanish speaking services to our clients who are not comfortable or confident with English.

We want you to understand and be understood. You are a very important component of your recovery, and your preferences and input are a key part of your treatment plan.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Tell us all about your injuries and pains. This includes older pains that were not because of your auto accident. After all, chances are they were aggravated, and even if they weren’t, you don’t deserve to live with pain. Our doctors and chiropractic physician can help with injuries of all types, from acute low back pain all the way to ongoing issues like arthritis.

The treatments that we offer can help with your spine, your muscles, and your joints. If you suffer from an injury in any of these injuries, then we can help.

We Accept Insurance

Your health care shouldn’t be limited to what you can pay out of pocket, and while most chiropractors in Hollywood require you to pay this way, we do not. You can get the care that you need and have it covered by your insurance company. You can even go through your auto insurance, though the situation does have to be right for you to get the coverage you need.

Thankfully that situation is fairly wide open. All you need is to go through your auto insurance after your car accident instead of handling it privately and then get urgent medical treatment before the 14 days time limit set out by the state. You could have been at fault in the accident or completely innocent, and it won’t matter.

By Florida law, you have the right to that injury treatment, as it’s already included in your coverage. Denying yourself that chiropractic care treatment from one of the best Hollywood chiropractors will only be putting yourself at a disservice.

Get Started With Your Treatment

We are here for you after your auto accident, and we don’t rest until you are 100% satisfied with the service you get from our team. We want you to be wowed with the care you get and will aim to reduce or eliminate the pain you feel through our holistic and effective treatments.

All that you need to get started is to schedule an appointment. We’ll be waiting to hear from you.