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Car Accident Doctors Near Me

Car Accident Doctors Near Me

There is a reason why you need to search for car accident doctors near me and not just a regular chiropractic physician. A licensed chiropractor can do wonders if you have back pains from poor posture, but you need medical supervision to be confident in your care if you are here with auto accident injuries.

At Icon Medical, you get that great experience and guarantee. We are here to put your health care first so that you get the best possible chiropractic adjustment and physical therapy treatments for your recovery.

Car Accident Doctors Near Me Car Accident Doctors Near Me Car Accident Doctors Near Me

Benefits of Chiropractic and Physical Therapies

There are many reasons to come to us for your accident injury and your chronic pain concerns. Though our treatment range benefits drastically depending on the extent of your injuries, you can generally expect these top five benefits from choosing Icon Medical as your car accident doctor near me.

Pain Management and Reduction

One of the biggest reasons why people start to seek medical treatment from a chiropractor in Florida after a car accident in the first place is because they are in pain. If you are not in pain, you are either perfectly fine or need to be patient. It is a pain that can stop you in your tracks, especially considering how your auto accident injury can cause lasting damage, like acute low back pain or joint issues.

All of our treatments are designed specifically to either stop or reduce your pain right at the source. Our highly recommended clinic offers everything you need to manage your pain, including chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy, and even pain managing injections holistically and effectively.

Improved Flexibility and Reduced Stiffness

Stiffness is another issue that, along with pain, can take away your flexibility and range of motion. You are not you when you cannot move and use your body the way you want to, and though there are limitations to how much we can help, know that with our treatments, you will regain as much strength and flexibility as physically possible.

Our team will work to reduce the stiffness in your muscles and joints so that you can move more freely, all while working to help you manage your pain for a more effective treatment and long-term outcome.

Boosted Circulation and Recovery Time

Another benefit of reducing stiffness is that, through the same treatments, our team will also be improving the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout your system. We do this through heat therapies, infrared therapy, and course through massage therapy. With so many options, you are sure to have a great experience with our Florida chiropractor when you schedule an appointment.

Improve Your Immune System

Some studies have shown that chiropractic care can boost the immune system by making it stronger and making it faster and more effective. The spine is the information highway from your brain to the rest of your body, and research shows that the body sends off warning signals when a new virus or concern is found. By improving the spine’s alignment, we can make those signals faster and potentially give you a better immune response.

Mental Health Benefits

Being in pain and finding it difficult to move are two things that are very hard on the mind. Add in the trauma of your accident, and you have a lot to be concerned about when it comes to your mental health. By working to manage your pain and speed up your recovery time, we can help you stay positive and take away at least a few stressors.

Get Your Care Covered

It is important to know that you can get the full treatment for your injuries, which is why we accept health and auto insurance. However, if you are going through your car insurer, remember you have 14 days to start your treatment. You will be more satisfied with the service you receive from us the sooner you start as well, so there is no reason to wait and every reason to book an appointment today.

You can get your care covered by your insurance company, can benefit from all the amazing treatments we offer, and above all else, you will know that your health care is in the best hands.

Get in Touch to Learn More

We can help you if you are coming to us immediately after an accident or coming for treatment after being discharged from receiving urgent medical attention. With so many different treatment options and a team that is truly dedicated to your recovery, you will be feeling better before you know it.

Our clinic is Nationally Accredited by The Joint Commission, run by doctors, and staffed by some of the state’s best chiropractors. When looking for the best car accident doctor near me, there is nowhere better than Icon Medical.