Car Accident

Car Accident Doctors near Miramar

Car Accident Doctors near Miramar

Getting urgent medical treatment within 14 days after a car accident is not just a smart move for your recovery, it is how you can get your care covered by your auto insurance. Imagine being able to treat yourself to chiropractic care and physical therapy from medical professionals.

Not only can you help stop a lot of the aches and pains in their tracks, but you can also actually speed up your recovery. There is no reason to suffer in pain on your own, especially in Florida, where you your auto insurance company by law must cover your health care treatments if you start within that time frame.

Car Accident Doctors near Miramar Car Accident Doctors near Miramar Car Accident Doctors near Miramar

Simply let us know when your auto accident occurred when you book an appointment with our team, and we will be sure to schedule an appointment before your deadline. If you have missed it, however, do not worry! We accept many big health insurance providers as well, like Cigna or Florida Blue.

What Sets Icon Medical Apart?

Icon Medical puts holistic pain management at the heart of your care. Just because you could heal on your own does not mean you have to, and similarly, just because a chronic condition does not have a cure does not mean that you cannot benefit from treatment.

We are here to help you live with your injuries, and our treatments can even speed up how long it takes to recuperate after an accident.

Personalized Treatments

Seek medical treatment from Icon Medical and get a great experience in return. As all of our treatments are personalized for each of our clients, you can come to us with auto accident injuries all the way to slip and fall injuries or sports accident injuries, and we can still help. We will not be satisfied until you yourself are 100% satisfied with the service you get from our team, so do not hesitate to let us know what we can do to improve your experience.

Our Staff

It can actually be dangerous to get chiropractic adjustment from even a licensed chiropractor after an accident without first getting a medical check-up. A spinal injury can be exacerbated unknowingly by a Miramar chiropractor simply because they are not doctors, nor are they qualified to make decisions on your health. At Icon Medical, we have paired medical experts with some of the best chiropractors in the business so that you only get a treatment that helps your recovery, not hinders it.

Our Services

Need help getting to our clinic? We have transportation services available throughout your treatment whenever you need them. Uncomfortable communicating in English? Do not worry, because we also offer our treatments in Spanish. We are here to make your treatment effective, and the best way we know to do that is by working to reduce your stress as much as we can.

We can even help if you are pursuing a compensation claim. Just get us in touch with your attorney, and we will be happy to put together all the information that they will need not just to help win your case but also to win you a compensation sum that more accurately reflects the damages you have sustained to your health.

National Accreditation

Between our staff, our treatments, and our services, it’s no wonder that The Joint Commission has nationally accredited us. This commission oversees clinics like ours and sets high standards that we had to exceed to be accredited.

Why Go to a Car Accident Doctor near Miramar?

It is highly recommended that you go to the best car accident doctor near Miramar after your accident. After an accident, getting care is not only for when you need stitches, or surgery, or for a bone to be set. You can treat things like acute low back pain, whiplash, and bruising effectively with the right treatments and reduce your pain without relying solely on medication.

We can help you manage your pain, improve your recovery speed, and in many cases, improve your overall health through our holistic and safe treatments.

Ready to Get Started?

You do not have to live with chronic pain, and you certainly do not have to deal with an accident injury all on your own. With the help of a top chiropractor in Miramar and a medical team overseeing your entire recovery, you will be in nothing but the best of hands while you heal. We can help you manage your pain, speed up your recuperation, and as a result, improve your strength, flexibility, and overall outlook together.

All you need to get started is to call our team or make an appointment online. We have everything you need to feel better, from the doctors to the chiropractic physician, and are ready and waiting to start you on your own personalized treatment plan.