Car Accident

Car Accident Doctors near Pinecrest

Car Accident Doctors near Pinecrest

Call or make an appointment online and say goodbye to your acute low back pain or other accident injury. Our chiropractors in Pinecrest are the best at what they do, and when you pair them with an expert medical team as we have, your injuries will be handled. You will get the perfect treatment plan for your recovery and won’t need to go anywhere else once you start treatment with us.

Icon Medical can help you heal from your auto accident injuries and are also ideal to seek medical treatment from if you have older, more chronic conditions. Book an appointment with our team for recovery and pain management, either after an auto accident or any other accident injury, and we will pull out all the stops to help you in every way we can.

Car Accident Doctors near Pinecrest Car Accident Doctors near Pinecrest Car Accident Doctors near Pinecrest

List of Injuries We Can Treat

Schedule an appointment with our chiropractic physician when you sustain any of these injuries. Though we frequently treat those who have been in auto accidents, there is no reason not to get in touch with our team if you are hurt in any other situation. Slip and fall accidents, workplace accidents, sports accidents, and more are all situations that we can help you recover from with our wide range of health care treatments.


Chiropractic care is an essential treatment for when you have spine-related pain. This could be a neck injury, back injury, or even pain that travels down the back of your legs (most commonly known as sciatica).

With these types of injuries, there is one common link: a spine that is not in proper alignment can cause pain. Whiplash is a very common injury that those who have been in a car accident tend to sustain, and a licensed chiropractor is the best person to deal with that accident injury.

At our Pinecrest chiropractor, however, we offer you more. There are risks of going to an everyday, run-of-the-mill chiropractor in Pinecrest for your treatment. Spinal-related injuries are very delicate. If you have been hurt worse than you knew, a non-medical chiropractor can exacerbate the damage.

Our doctors always check over your injuries before they start your treatment, so you will know if there is something to worry about. However, if we green light your treatment, you are good to go and can also start enjoying our massage and physical therapy treatments.


Joints are unrestrained in most accidents we see, and they are also a non-essential component to your body when your life is at risk. With those two facts in mind, it’s no wonder that we see a lot of joint injuries come our way, but don’t worry. We have some great treatments that you will be more than satisfied with the service for, like paraffin wax therapy and our moist heat therapy.


Muscles bruise. They get pulled. They knot. Of all the types of injuries that we treat, muscle injuries are by far the most common and are often seen on every single one of our clients, both those who come to us directly and those who are hereafter receiving urgent medical care.

Our physical and massage therapy treatments are ideal for helping ease your muscles’ pain while you recover. They also work to improve the circulation through your injured tissue so that your body can get the white blood cells it needs to start your recovery.

List of Conditions We Can Treat

It’s important to remember that though we see a lot of accident injuries, we can also treat those with chronic pain. This pain may be from an old accident injury, or it may be from a condition. We are the perfect clinic to go to, especially if your condition cannot be cured or operated on. Our treatments have provided many clients the essential holistic pain relief they need.

When to Start Treatment with Icon Medical

For a great experience, you need to know when to start treatment with Icon Medical.

After an Auto Accident

It is highly recommended, for example, that you start treatment within 14 days of your car accident. This is the best time to get a chiropractic adjustment, and it’s also how you can get your auto insurance provider to cover your costs.

Unlike other injury or accident types, that deadline is set in stone. However, if you do miss it for whatever reason and still need treatment, know you can always go through your medical insurance company instead.

After Any Other Accident

It’s always better to start your recovery sooner rather than later, and there is no downside to booking an appointment with our team after your injury. If you need to wait for a while for your body to heal naturally before starting treatment, we will let you know and schedule your next appointment later on.

When Dealing with Chronic Pain

Don’t live another day with chronic pain. You deserve to have a diversified pain management strategy, and we can offer that for you. Just call or use our online form, and we’ll get you started with our incredible team.