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There are so many auto accident injuries that you can sustain from a car accident. Neck pain, whiplash, spinal pain, acute low back pain, joint pain, bruising, brain trauma, fractures, and so much more. Though there are times to let the body rest and heal – especially if you needed urgent medical attention at a hospital – it is always a good idea to seek medical treatment and start physical therapy after an auto accident.

Many injuries can last months. Some may never go away without chiropractic care. Some will require medical and holistic pain management.

Vehicles are heavy, and the force they exert is massive. We are nothing compared to these massive machines, and our bodies take a huge hit when we are in a car crash. Even something minor can cause an accident injury.

It doesn’t matter if you feel okay enough not to need a hospital. You need to get checked over within 14 days of your accident. Do this, and you can get your care covered by your auto insurance company. If you weren’t at fault in the accident, however, the only difference is that instead of your own insurance company, it will be the other driver’s policy that covers you.

By visiting our car accident clinic in Little Havana, we can check you over and, if you need it, start a comprehensive, personalized physical rehabilitation program just for you. We can even help old chronic pain issues at the same time, so let us know of all your aches and your pains, and we’ll craft the perfect plan from our range of treatments:

Chiropractic Adjustment

Our most highly recommended treatment for those who have been in an auto accident is chiropractic care. You will be paired with a chiropractic physician who will go through your needs, your injuries, and your preferences.

This licensed chiropractor will then work to adjust your spine back into its proper position gently. This can relieve pain from the source, both in your spine, your neck, and even your legs.

Your chiropractor in Little Havana can do this because of the critical role that the spine plays on your health. Slipped or herniated discs are a problem. Nerves can be pinched. By working the spine back into a healthy position, we can stop these issues at the source.

Physical Therapy

To ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the service you receive, you will also have access to a wide range of physical therapy treatments. These can include heat therapy, electrical stimulation therapy, mechanical traction therapies, and even infrared therapies. These treatments can help those after an accident and those with chronic conditions, so don’t hesitate to tell your doctor the full scope of your concerns – even if they began before the accident.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy works to ease away stiffness, promote circulation, and overall offers our clients a great experience. Massages are so much more than just a stress-busting technique. Done right, they can even help your recovery by encouraging the body to send white blood cells and focus on the affected area most. Our massage therapists know exactly what to do to improve your injuries without causing further damage or strain and are top of their field.

Medical Pain Management

When you book an appointment with us, you get the dedication of licensed specialists and our medical staff. Part of that medical commitment is the opportunity to enjoy health care injections that provide targeted pain relief.

You will be in the hands of two board-certified pain management physicians for these treatments, and they will go through what the treatment does, what you can individually expect, and they will be the ones to perform the injection.

Schedule an Appointment Online or By Phone

If you are interested in starting treatment at our Little Havana chiropractor clinic, all you need to get started is to call us or to make an appointment online. We offer so many benefits and services to our clients, so let us know if:

  1. You need transportation services to or from the clinic
  2. You would prefer your treatment in Spanish rather than in English
  3. You need us to help your attorney on your compensation claim
  4. You need us to provide evidence or information for your insurance

We accept most insurances and are more than familiar with the process of going through your car insurance provider instead of medical insurance. We can even help you if you are pushing for compensation and will work to provide the evidence that your attorney needs to win you the full compensation that you need to cover your entire rehabilitation costs.

We are here for you, so if you have any concerns, questions, or requests, just let us know. We are completely dedicated to your recovery and will work to accommodate your care in any way that we can.

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