Car Accident Injury Clinic in Brickell

Getting into an auto accident is probably a nightmare that any driver shares. At best, it’s a little tap and an annoying repair bill for you and the other driver, but at worst, it’s life-changing or even life-ending.

Seeking the right medical treatment at a car accident clinic near you after you’ve been in an accident is absolutely vital, both for your short term and long term health, and to ensure you’re complying with the laws here in Brickell, Miami, and your insurance policies, both driving insurance and medical insurance.

What If It Wasn’t My Fault?

If the accident wasn’t your fault, there is even more reason to see an auto accident chiropractor near you afterward. Your osteopathic doctor there will be able to evaluate your injuries and write a report should you wish to pursue damages from the other reckless or careless driver.

In Florida, it’s the law that every driver should carry Personal Injury Protection insurance (PIP insurance). This law also states that you must be seen within 14 days of an accident to comply with the insurance policy, and it’s best practice to visit a specialist accident doctor near you, or accident chiropractic clinic, who will be more able to assess your injuries and suggest a treatment plan.

Your Health Is Important

Here at Icon Medical Centers’ accident therapy clinic, our expert chiropractors will be able to assess your injuries and recommend various treatment plans that are tailored to you and your problems, allowing you to get back to your peak physical health in a shorter amount of time than you would otherwise.

Many injuries don’t present themselves straight away, and this can be especially common for back pain. Still, if left too long, these injuries can become life-debilitating and cause many problems for people unfortunate enough to have them.

That’s why it’s best to get checked out properly. Hopefully, your injury will be minor, and we can prescribe some painkillers and gentle exercises or back pain therapy to work it off. Still, if it’s more serious, we can make sure you get the right treatment and put a physical therapy plan in place to ensure that your ongoing treatment will have a positive effect on your health and that your injuries won’t interfere with your daily life any more going forward.

Does Treatment Depend on The Type of Accident?

The quick answer to this question is no, your treatment won’t depend on the type of accident you had. Your injuries resulting from the accident, however, will affect your treatment plan.

You may have had a rear-end accident that has caused minor whiplash, or you may have been involved in a serious wreck where you were thrown around the car, causing more serious injuries.

At Icon Medical Centers’ auto injury doctor near you in Brickell, we treat all kinds of injuries resulting from all kinds of auto accidents. We’ll ask you questions to find out what happened and what happened to you in the car, and from there, we’ll do an examination to see what injuries we can find. After we’ve completed the assessment, we can then recommend the right course of treatment to get you fit again.

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