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Car Accident Urgent Care

Car Accident Urgent Care

It is important to seek medical treatment after being injured in a car accident. This could be the urgent medical care that you would receive in a trip to the emergency room, or it could be secondary rehabilitative care at our clinic. In Florida, it is important to start this health care recovery within 14 days of your motor vehicle accident.

You can always get the care and treatment you need from our car accident urgent care clinic, but for the best results and to have your care and medical bills covered by your auto insurance provider, rather than your medical insurance company, that two-week grace period is the best time to get started.

Car Accident Urgent Care Car Accident Urgent Care Car Accident Urgent Care

There are so many reasons to use our car accident urgent care centers for your auto accident injuries. We can help alleviate the pain of many of the most common accident injury types and have treatment options to suit your entire recovery journey.  

Types of Accident Injuries that We Can Treat

We can treat a wide range of accident injuries and chronic pain conditions, thanks to our great team. Benefit from physical therapy treatments, from a dedicated chiropractic physician, and more when you book an appointment at Icon Medical.

Chiropractic care is available for those with back, neck, and even some lower extremity pains. Physical therapy is there for those who have joint and muscle pain. Our massage therapists can work out issues in the muscles, and our pain management physicians can provide targeted relief.

It doesn’t matter if you only need one chiropractic adjustment or need to schedule an appointment regularly for ongoing relief. We are here to give you a holistic pain management option that works for you.

If you have back or neck injuries

If you cannot move, are experiencing acute low back pain, or anything else, then our team can help you. Spinal adjustments are often exactly what you need to stop back and neck pain following a car accident, and because we have so many different treatment options you are guaranteed to be more than satisfied with the service we offer. It doesn’t matter if you only need one session, or if you would benefit from multiple sessions per month.

If you have brain trauma or cranium injuries

The only thing you need to be careful of when you start treatment with a chiropractor in Florida is of any neck or cranium injuries that need time to heal. You don’t want chiropractic care to cause more damage accidentally. Thankfully at our clinic, we have doctors on hand to check you over and to make sure that the treatment you get is good for your body at this point. This doctor guarantee is what makes us so highly recommended.

If you have joint injuries

Joint injuries are best handled by our physical therapists and our pain management physicians. There are many reasons for joint pain. It could be a problem in your bones, in your tendons, or your muscles. By being diagnosed ahead of time by our medical team, we can guarantee that you are getting the best treatment for your joints.

We can even help if you have issues like arthritis or a repetitive strain injury, so don’t be shy to let us know of any conditions you were suffering with before your car accident, too. We can work to address all of your issues at once when you start treatment with us.

If you have chronic conditions

Chronic conditions need ongoing care, and the relationship you have with your licensed chiropractor matters. We offer personalized treatment to every single one of our clients, meaning you will always get the best care no matter which of our team members is treating you. If you prefer to work with a specific person, however, let us know, and we will work to consider your preferences.

We can help those with osteoporosis, arthritis, and several other conditions that cannot be cured or fixed. Our holistic treatment options are perfect for those of you who have been suffering from these chronic conditions and offer a non-medication alternative to managing your condition and your pain.

What if I wasn’t in a car accident?

Our services are suited to those who have been in an accident, even if that accident was horsing around with your kids and pulling your back. Because we are run and managed by a medical team, you will always get the best possible treatment. All you need to get started is to call our team or to make an appointment online using our digital form.

You will have access to the best in the business, and we can confidently say that because the Joint Commission Nationally accredits us. Don’t take your health care and recovery lightly; instead, get the best treatment possible right here at Icon Medical.