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Lower Back Pain

Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain in Coral Gables

Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain in Coral Gables

If you have been involved in a car accident or a similar incident that has left you with chronic pain in your back, shoulders, neck, hips, legs, or arms, you need help. You can’t live with that pain, not if you want to be able to enjoy your life to the fullest, which is something everyone deserves to do.

So, make an appointment online with Icon Medical Centers, your ultimate chiropractor for lower back pain in Coral Gables, and get the chiropractic care you need. We are here for you, no matter what accident injury you have or what results you want. We can treat you when you seek medical help from us.

Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain in Coral Gables Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain in Coral Gables Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain in Coral Gables

You might be surprised at just how often accidents can occur. People are suffering the devastating effects of these problems every day, and even the most minor car accident can have long term problems associated with it; chronic pain is a big problem for many people, causing them to have to quit work, or at least reduce their hours, and no longer be able to sleep properly.

They might not be able to socialize or enjoy the little things in life. There is so much that we take for granted, and chronic pain anywhere in the body can show us what we really need in life.

There is no need to worry, though, when Icon Medical Centers is here for you. Book an appointment to see one of our amazing chiropractic physicians, and you can finally get the pain management and relief you are looking for.

We Can Help in Different Ways

We work differently at Icon Medical Centers, and when you compare us to other chiropractors in Miami, you can see what we mean. We go the extra mile for our patients, ensuring that we do whatever it takes to rid them of their chronic pain, acute low back pain, and other spine-related conditions.

It’s all down to the wonderful team of osteopathic professionals we have working for us here at Icon Medical Centers. Each member of our amazing team has great experience and comes highly recommended; they all know just what to do and how to do it, and that means your chronic pain after an auto accident no longer has to be something to worry about. It no longer needs to play any part in your life.

The long-term treatment plans we create for each patient start at our chiropractor for lower back pain in Coral Gables. These treatment plans are unique to each patient, but what they will all have in common is that they will give you pain management techniques and ultimately pain relief for your chronic pain and acute low back pain.

Icon Medical Centers’ treatment plans will work on the idea that permanent pain relief is much better than short term, temporary pain relief. Of course, it is, and that’s the way we work at Icon Medical Centers.

It’s true that you could find a chiropractor for lower back pain in Coral Gables who could give you a quick chiropractic adjustment and send you on your way, but would this help? The answer is no; there must be more to it, and this is why Icon Medical Centers is the right choice for you.

Another way we can help, apart from the obvious chiropractic care from our specialist and highly recommended team, is that we can liaise with your insurance company on your behalf. This will take away the stress of having to do it yourself, meaning you can relax and recover from your car accident more quickly, undertaking chiropractic care that will help you.

Our helpful administration team can even talk to the third-party insurance company if need be, ensuring that every aspects of your auto insurance claim is handled properly. If the case has to go to court, you can trust that Icon Medical Centers will be there for you too – literally. We can attend court to offer testimony about your chronic pain, your treatment plan, and the chiropractic care needed to help you.

Our Excellent Team

We’ve mentioned our team at Icon Medical Centers a number of times now, but who are they exactly, and how do they make us the best chiropractor for lower back pain in Coral Gables? We’ll answer the second question first; our team makes Icon Medical Centers the best because they are highly recommended with great experience, and they can help anyone who needs to seek medical help.

As for who they are, this is an exciting reason why so many people choose Icon Medical Centers as their chiropractor in Miami. The team includes licensed chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapy practitioners, an emergency doctor, an orthopedic surgeon, and a board-certified neurosurgeon.

There is nothing a patient might be suffering from in terms of chiropractic care that we can’t treat. From chronic pain to acute low back pain and so much more, you can be sure that Icon Medical Centers is here to help you. Book an appointment today to get started.