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Lower Back Pain

Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain in Miami Lakes

Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain in Miami Lakes

Car accidents can cause accident injuries that last for a long time, especially when they bring chronic pain with them. Chronic pain can be problematic for a patient for years and years, perhaps for a whole lifetime, causing them not just physical pain but mental and emotional problems too. This can keep going even when the obvious injuries after an auto accident have entirely healed.

At Icon Medical Centers we don’t believe that people should have to live with their chronic pain for any longer than they need to. That’s why we have put together such a fantastic team so that when you need a chiropractor for lower back pain in Miami Lakes, you know exactly where to come.

Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain in Miami Lakes Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain in Miami Lakes Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain in Miami Lakes

Icon Medical Centers ensures each patient is satisfied with the service we can give them, no matter what accident injury they might have sustained. Book an appointment with us today to talk about your ongoing health care needs and your chronic pain or acute low back pain.

Your Life Can Change Back

At Icon Medical Centers, we do as much as we possibly can for our patients. This is why we are a highly recommended chiropractor for lower back pain in Miami Lakes. We will always go the extra mile whenever necessary, creating a bespoke treatment plan for anyone who requires urgent medical assistance from our specialist team of osteopathic professionals.

The only thing you need to do is listen to the advice that our expert licensed chiropractors will give you and do whatever exercises are required to ease your chronic pain alongside the chiropractic adjustments and treatments that will be offered.

When you do this, when we can work together, your life can change back to how it was before your car accident or anything else that might have caused your accident injury and that then lead to chronic pain or acute low back pain and so on. Since your life changed after the auto accident, it can certainly change back to a positive way of living.

This is why the treatment plan that we create for each patient is always going to be important, and it’s what sets us apart from other chiropractors for lower back pain in Miami Lakes. That treatment plan is going to outline all the different chiropractic care options available to you.

Icon Medical Centers and Your Insurance Company

One of the core beliefs we have at Icon Medical Centers, chiropractor for lower back pain in Miami Lakes, is that no one should ever be so concerned about their car insurance that they neglect their own health care. Your insurance company is there to help you, but we understand that the initial claim-making process can be a tough one to deal with, especially as it means having to go through the events of your auto accident repeatedly. This is additional stress that is never going to be helpful in terms of your health care and could even make your chronic pain worse.

Icon Medical Centers is all about helping the patient – helping you. This is why you don’t have to worry about your insurance company when you are using us for your chiropractic adjustments. We will speak to your car insurance company on your behalf, explaining all they need to know, ensuring that your claim is registered and that all the documents that might be required are sent across swiftly.

In this way, your insurance is in hand and it’s not something you need to even think about. You only have to focus on your health care recovery from chronic pain after a car accident, and with Icon Medical Centers as your chosen chiropractor for lower back pain in Miami Lakes, this is easily done.

What Conditions Can Icon Medical Centers Treat?

When you think of chiropractic care, you might think of a spinal condition or a car accident. These are issues that we can definitely assist with, and when you seek medical attention for chronic pain because of these issues, Icon Medical Centers will be there for you.

On top of this, however, we can be there for any kind of accident injury, from sporting injuries to workplace accidents and much more. We can help because we have a varied team of experts working for us, starting with licensed chiropractors, including physical therapy practitioners, massage therapists, and doctors like neurosurgeons, emergency doctors, and orthopedic surgeons.

Therefore, we can certainly treat any kind of chronic pain in the back, legs, neck, shoulders, hips, or arms that link back to a spinal injury. We can also treat other problems such as stress, digestive issues, and migraines – all of which are also linked to having a problem with your spinal alignment.

If you’re not sure how we can help you, just make an appointment online, and you can discuss your needs with a chiropractic physician who can create a treatment plan for you and get started on your pain relief.