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If you are looking for a great chiropractor in Brickell, look no further than Icon Medical. Here at Icon Medical, we provide so much more than a quick fix. We are here to help those with their physical rehabilitation and to provide an effective, comprehensive, holistic approach to chronic pain management.

We are run by medical doctors, and everyone on our staff holds a doctorate in their individual fields. Our team of osteopathic doctors is what makes us the best of the best, and our commitment to your individual recovery is why we are the best choice of chiropractors in Brickell.

Why Do You Need Chiropractic Care?

There are so many reasons to seek out a chiropractor in Brickell. From pain management to improved flexibility, here are the full list of reasons to treat yourself to chiropractic therapy:

1.    Address Pain at Source

If you experience back pain and neck pain, this could be because of a misaligned spine. Unadjusted, this spine is pressing down on nerves and blood vessels. When you move, those nerves are pinched further and cause you pain. A lack of blood flow from pinched or compressed blood vessels can cause fatigue.

Our chiropractors in Brickell can work to relieve this pain at the source by using a variety of chiropractic techniques to adjust the spine back into its healthy and correct position.

2.    Improve Circulation and Flexibility

Flexibility is often inhibited when you have a back injury. The spine is responsible for much of our movement, and if you experience pain, you cannot move and do the things you want to throughout your day. By adjusting your spine with a top chiropractor in Brickell, you can reduce pain and, in turn, enjoy greater flexibility and strength.

The boost in circulation also helps, as it gives your body the chance to send white blood cells to damaged areas better, and improve the rate of healing.

3.    Boost Your Immune System

Chiropractic care in Brickell can also boost your immune system. The same nerves that cause pain also send signals to and from the body. By removing that pinch, you can improve the connections throughout your body. If there is a virus, your body can send a warning signal faster and more effectively, allowing your immune system to kick in response faster, before the virus can take hold.

Why Do You Need Physical Rehabilitation?

Sometimes chiropractic care in Brickell is just the start of your physical rehabilitation. If you need additional services to help you recover from auto accident or injury, we also offer a variety of physical therapy services, including paraffin bath therapy, hot/cold therapy, neuromuscular re-education, and even mechanical traction, to name a few. Many of these are used by professional athletes and recommended by the best physical therapists in the world.

The goal of physical rehabilitation is to build up your strength and flexibility while also directing your body to heal faster and better.

1.    Maximize Strength and Flexibility

Physical rehabilitation works to further improve your strength and flexibility by encouraging your body to reach its limits after an injury. Through safe and effective treatments, you can regain as much strength and flexibility as possible, even with a new disability.

2.    Improve Healing

Heal correctly with physical rehabilitation. Using a variety of techniques, we can work with nature and the body’s natural responses to improve the speed and effectiveness of your recovery.

Why Do You Need Massage Therapy?

Issues within the muscle, from knots to scar tissue, hurt. They can hurt and take a long time to heal, which is why we also offer massage therapy at our chiropractor clinic in Brickell. With massage therapy, especially on top of chiropractic therapy and physical therapy, you will enjoy big benefits:

1.    Ease Pain

Muscles experience a lot of pain. If there is a muscle knot or scar, however, your muscles won’t be able to heal as well. That is where massage therapy comes into play. You can enjoy a great massage that feels great and eases ongoing pain right here at our chiropractor clinic in Brickell.

2.    Improve Circulation to Affected Areas

On top of pain management, massage therapy also works to improve circulation to the affected area. By allowing more blood into the area, your body can better heal it on its own. So not only does that massage feel great, it provides ongoing benefits for your recovery.

Learn More Today and Get in Touch with Our Team

If you want to learn more about how our services can help you, specifically, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of chiropractors in Brickell. You can call us directly or use our online form. We’ll hold a consultation with you and work to create the perfect, customized action plan that works to address all of your complaints and ongoing pain.

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