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There are so many reasons bodies carry pain, whether from an auto accident, slip-and-fall or from a chronic condition like sciatica. No amount of pain killer is going to help when the problem is physical, and it is not being addressed.

Enter the best chiropractor in Hollywood, FL. Icon Medical offers full rehabilitative services for those with chronic conditions or accident injuries so that you can move on from your pain with holistic, effective treatment.

We go beyond what any other chiropractor in Hollywood, Florida, offers. We provide physical therapy and massage therapy on top of some of the best chiropractic services you’ll find in Hollywood.

Why Seek Out Chiropractic Care?

There are so many reasons to seek out professional chiropractic and rehabilitative care in Hollywood, Florida.

You Are Entitled to Care

What many people living in Florida tend to forget is that they are legally entitled to care. You have 14 days to seek out medical care after a car accident. If you go within this time, your care will be covered by your auto insurance provider – regardless of whether you were innocent in the accident or not. By seeking out the care you deserve early on, you improve your rehabilitation and have your costs covered.

In addition, our team knows how to deal with auto accident attorneys and compensation claims. We will work with your lawyer to provide you with all the evidence you need to get the compensation claim that you deserve and need to cover all your costs.

You Improve Your Recovery

Our full set of services, from chiropractic care to physical therapy and massage therapy work in tandem to provide you with the best recovery chances. We guarantee that you will heal and move on with the maximum amount of flexibility and strength as possible.

A serious accident may result in lifelong disability, but without comprehensive care and rehabilitation, you can actually cause more pain yourself without realizing it. By seeking out the great care that our chiropractic center in Hollywood, Florida, offers, you regain as much of your old self as possible. Starting as early as possible is ideal, so get in touch for a consultation so our team can create a custom care plan for your needs.

Holistic Pain Management

Pain management cannot and should not solely rely on medication. Pain medication is not a full-time solution and can become exceptionally addictive. There is a reason why there is an opioid crisis currently underway, and to avoid it, you must invest in holistic pain management options to either replace or at least offset the necessity of pain medication.

That is where Icon Medical’s team of experts comes in. With a custom wellness plan created just for you, we will work with your body to relieve pinched nerves, tensed muscles, and generally boost circulation throughout your body.

Why Choose Icon Medical?

Icon Medical aims to be the best Chiropractor in Hollywood, Florida, and we know that to do that, you need great people and great quality of service. When you come to Icon Medical, it is because you are in pain, and that pain is terrifying, debilitating, and stressful.

Many need our services after a terrible accident; others need it to help manage chronic conditions. It doesn’t matter why you need our services; if you have back or neck pain or a herniated disc, then seek us out. You will be thrilled with our team and our care.

It might take one session, or it might take several, but the end result will be that you will be pain-free. Your accident injuries will no longer affect the quality of your life, and you can go back to doing the things you love, from your hobbies to sports to simply being able to spend more time with your family out and about.

Incredible People

We believe that to be the best chiropractor in Hollywood, FL, then you need to have the best chiropractors in Florida. With a team of medical and chiropractic doctors, you cannot go wrong. You will get the best quality of care from our staff.

All of our medical doctors are board-certified and have decades of experience in their field, often specializing in spinal and cranial injuries and osteopathic pain management. All of our chiropractors also have doctorates, making our team one of the best and most qualified in Hollywood, Florida.

If you are seeking the best chiropractic care, then Icon Medical is the clinic for you.

Top-Notch Care

We work with you and your body. Anything less is substandard in our eyes. There cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach to your rehabilitation, and, therefore, we don’t provide one. Instead, we hold a consultation and help devise the perfect regimen and treatment options to help you throughout your healing process. If you aren’t keen on a certain treatment, talk to us, and we will come up with a treatment that suits you more – we don’t want you to feel uncomfortable ever.

Stress-Free Environment

One of the biggest reasons why patients use our chiropractic services in Hollywood, FL, is because they were injured in either a work or auto accident. The aftermath of an accident can be almost as stressful as the accident itself, and we want to help remove that stress from the equation.

We will work on your behalf to help your injury attorney put together the right compensation claim so that you will have your entire rehabilitation covered. We know what lawyers need and how to work with health insurance companies. This means you will always have the best outcome when it concerns your compensation. 

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