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There are so many reasons to seek out a chiropractor near Pompano Beach. Perhaps you have been carrying stress physically in your shoulders for so long you are starting to deal with chronic pain, fatigue, and even insomnia. Perhaps you have been in a car accident and have a whiplash injury or worse. If you feel physical pain, especially in your back or neck, then our team of doctors and chiropractors near Pompano Beach are here to help get you back on your feet.

We don’t just stop with one session, though. We build a comprehensive and customized wellness package just for you, utilizing the best practices in chiropractic, physical, and massage therapies.

Icon Medical: Care for A Variety of Injuries and Conditions

1.    After a Physical Accident

Any physical accident, whether it’s an auto accident, a slip and fall, or something falls on you, can be treated by our talented chiropractors near Pompano Beach. So long as the injury has impacted your back or neck, we are here to help. In fact, we can even help if you have pain in your muscles or throughout your body, thanks to the comprehensive physical therapy services and massage therapists. We are here to help treat a variety of conditions.

In fact, the only thing you do need to worry about when coming to us for treatment is to see us within 14 days if you have been in an auto accident. In Florida, your auto insurance provider must cover treatment costs after a car accident, even if you are the at-fault driver.

2.    After a Strain

Sports injuries, pulling your back – any injury that has strained your back, neck, or muscles can be handled by our talented team of therapists and chiropractors near Pompano Beach. We work from skeleton all the way into your muscles for effective relief.

3.    After Hospitalization

If you have been hospitalized for a long period of time, then your body will have hidden pains that you will want to have addressed. From your spine to your muscles, being bedridden for long periods of time takes its toll. With some of the best chiropractors near Pompano Beach on our team, we will help get your body back up to par.

4.    If You Experience Physical Stress

Physical stress is held in the shoulders and neck. Combine that with poor posture or just office work day-in and day-out, and you have a recipe for disaster. Poor posture and stress can cause pinched nerves and blood vessels, resulting in stress, pain, and fatigue. Don’t worry though, our top-notch chiropractors located near Pompano Beach will sort you right out.

5.    If You Deal with Chronic Pain

Our team is also exceptional at helping those who suffer from chronic conditions, like osteoporosis or sciatica. Chiropractic services are great for providing holistic pain management and relief for these chronic conditions, but our services don’t end there.

How Icon Medical Helps Your Recovery

We offer four main types of care, each designed to help propel your recovery:

  1. Chiropractic Care
  2. Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
  3. Massage Therapy
  4. Pain Management

With a team of medical experts and osteopathic doctorate-holding specialists on our team, your recovery will be comprehensive and effective. It will also be customized to suit your individual needs, so you never have to go anywhere else beyond our chiropractor clinic near Pompano Beach.

Our Guarantees

We offer several guarantees that our patients trust and rely on.

Top Quality Care

With a Medical Director at our helm, a neurosurgeon on our team, two pain management experts, and doctorate-holding chiropractors, we are the best of the best in what we do. Not only is everyone on our team the top of their field, but we are also Nationally Accredited by the Joint Commission.

Bilingual Services

To make our chiropractic services near Pompano Beach as accessible to all residents as possible, we offer our services in English and Spanish. There should be no barrier to your care, not even language.

Legal Support

Involved in a compensation claim? We frequently work with attorneys to provide them with the evidence that they need to add to your compensation sum, so you’ll have every cent of your care covered.

Transportation Services

Need transportation to or from our clinic? We offer transportation services to all of our patients so you can safely get the care you need.

Start Your Recovery at Our Location near Pompano Beach Today

You, too, can start your recovery at our Icon Medical location near Pompano Beach. Just call, or use our online form today to get started with your personal wellness package. Everyone at our team is dedicated to their craft and to your recovery. That is why we work with insurance providers (including auto insurance providers) so that you can focus on your care, and not on the cost or the stresses of collecting evidence for your compensation claim.

When you are at our chiropractor clinic near Pompano Beach, we want you to only worry about your recovery.

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