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Chiropractor near Opa-Locka

Chiropractor near Opa-Locka

Book an appointment with Icon Medical, and you get more than just a top chiropractor near Opa-Locka, FL. You get physical therapy, massage therapy, pain management solutions, and a medical team. We can help with everything from auto accident injuries all the way to chronic pain conditions. You will be treated by medical professionals and a licensed chiropractor, and together they will work to reduce your pain and improve your recovery rate.

We offer so much more than any regular chiropractor in Opa-Locka.

We offer you everything you need to heal faster, feel better, and regain as much strength and flexibility as possible. We are the one-stop-shop for those who have been in an auto accident and seek medical treatment to help them with their minor injuries or with their secondary recovery.

Chiropractor near Opa-Locka Chiropractor near Opa-Locka Chiropractor near Opa-Locka

Why Do You Need a Chiropractor?

Chiropractic care is an essential treatment for an accident injury, especially if that accident injury impacted your back or spine. Acute low back pain, neck pain like whiplash, and even pain along the back of your legs can all be handled by an Opa-Locka chiropractor.

Pain Management

Most of our clients have a great experience with their chiropractor because chiropractic care consistently offers immense, immediate relief. You’ll get a great experience upfront and be able to enjoy the benefits on an ongoing basis.

The pain management you experience thanks to chiropractic care depends on what is causing the pain in the first place. For most, it will be because of pressure on your spine, which can be easily dealt with by decompressing your spine.

In other cases, it might be because a nerve has been pinched. This can feel like pain, like heat, like tingles, or even like numbness. By adjusting the spine, we will, in the process, free any pinched nerves.

Clients also tend to hold their weight poorly when their spine is injured. This causes a negative spiral effect, where your weight puts pressure on your spine, and your spine cannot take the weight. By improving your spine, we can stop the pain and even improve your strength and posture in the process.


The real reason why our clients are so satisfied with the service they receive from us is that our treatments, including our physical therapy and our massage therapy treatments, work to improve circulation. Circulation is essential for healthy living.

Improved circulation along your spine means a boost to cognitive function and can even reduce issues like headaches and insomnia. Another benefit that some of our clients enjoy is an improvement to their immune response since signals can more effectively get from your body to your brain and vice versa.

Improved Recovery

In the rest of your body, improved circulation can improve your recovery rate, as your body can send white blood cells more effectively to where they are needed most. Healing cuts and bruises benefit from this in particular.

Why Do You Need Icon Medical

You never have to go anywhere else when you come to Icon Medical for your physical rehabilitation. You’ll have access to chiropractic adjustment from a talented chiropractic physician. You’ll also be able to enjoy the best physical therapy treatments and more as you need them.

We want you to have access to everything that you need after an accident. A car accident, for example, is nothing to sniff at. Even if you did not need urgent medical attention from a hospital, that does not mean that you are in the clear.

Whiplash and other injuries can take a while to fully set in and for you to realize how serious and painful they are. Rather than run the risk of becoming stiff and having to suffer through your recovery afterward, do the right thing and schedule an appointment with Icon Medical.

When you choose a Nationally Accredited clinic like ours, you can even get your care covered. Go through your health care insurance company, or if you were in an auto accident through your auto insurance. In most cases, there isn’t a time frame you need to be careful of, except that it is better to start sooner rather than later for the best results.

The only time you do need to worry about when you start treatment is after a car accident. In this case, you have 14 days to start treatment with our highly recommended team. We can still treat you after this period, but instead of your car insurance, we will instead need to go through your health insurance.

Build Your Personalized Treatment Plan Today

You can either call our team or use our digital form to make an appointment online. We start with a consultation and end with your complete satisfaction. Between our chiropractic adjustment, our physical therapies, our massage therapies, and our helictical pain management treatments, you will find everything you need to feel better and recover effectively after your accident.