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If you are either with Ambetter or are looking to switch to Ambetter insurance for 2021, know that all of our services and treatments can be covered by your insurance company. This means if you need treatment for auto accident injuries or are just looking for a great chiropractor in Florida to help you manage your acute low back pain, we can help. We can help, and you can have your costs covered through your medical insurance.

Of course, if you are here for a car accident injury, it is important to note that your care can and will be covered by your auto insurance, providing that you book an appointment with us and start your treatment before 14 days after the accident.

We do more than offer exceptional chiropractic care from a chiropractic physician. Our treatments and our dedication to your personal experience mean you will be more than satisfied with the service you receive from our clinic.

The Joint Commission Nationally accredits us. We offer all of our primary care services in both English and Spanish. If you need help getting to or from our clinic, then we can help. Between our wide range of treatment and our winning services, there is no reason not to call us or make an appointment online to start enjoying effective pain management with our team.

Do not seek medical treatment from just any old Florida chiropractor. We are a medical clinic first, with an emergency room physician, a neurosurgeon, and pain management physicians on staff to guide you through your recovery and treatment every step of the way.

Enjoy Treatment Through Ambetter Insurance

We are a top-quality chiropractor that takes Ambetter Insurance, as well as Cigna and Florida Blue. If you have another insurance provider, call us up and ask if we accept their coverage.

We Treat a Wide Variety of Accident Injuries

We treat a variety of accident injuries and provide chiropractic adjustment and physical therapy care for injuries of all sorts. The most common types of injuries that our patients deal with, however, include:

Auto Accident Injuries

Even a small car accident can leave behind very unwanted souvenirs. Whiplash, bruising, joint or back pain – and that is just in a minor accident. Serious accidents can take months to recover from properly, and the last thing you want to do is go through that journey alone.

Instead, start treatment with us and schedule an appointment with our team after you are discharged from your urgent medical care, or after your auto accident if you felt fine enough to go home.

Workplace Accident Injuries

Workplace compensation can cover a lot, but if there is a more serious case at hand, either with your recovery or due to the negligence your employer displayed, then things can get complicated fast. You do not want the negligence of someone else to mean that you cannot live your life the way you want to.

Though we cannot cure all injuries, we can work to improve your maximum strength and flexibility, and help you recover as much as you are physically able to.

Slip and Fall Injuries

One of the most common types of injuries in the health care industry are slip and fall accidents. Thankfully, many of those injuries can be handled by a licensed chiropractor. When you come to us, you will be paired with a Florida chiropractor who specializes in this type of accident injury, so that you get a great experience through and through.

Sports Accident Injuries

We have several physical therapy treatments that are used by professional athletes, so you can be assured that we can handle your sports accident injuries. It does not matter if you pulled your back horsing around with your kids, or you are part of a minor league, our treatments are personalized to you meaning you always get the best care for your body.

We Provide Holistic Pain Management for Chronic Conditions

Chronic pain can completely ruin your life. Dealing with it regularly often means overdoing it with pain medication, and though we cannot change cute chronic conditions, we can provide you with a great alternative. Holistic pain management is our specialty. Our services can work to reduce the pain and even build up your body’s strength so that you can expand your pain management strategy.

Feel the Difference for Yourself

Ready to book an appointment and get started with our highly recommended treatments for yourself? Accident injury, chronic pain, and anything in-between. We can help you get back up to normal as fast as possible because our treatments have a two-fold benefit.

They work to reduce pain, and they also work to promote the body’s natural healing abilities. Together we can help you get better, or to manage your pain effectively.

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