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Accident Clinic Coral Gables

Once you’ve been injured severely, you should get back on the path to recovery so that your life can return to normal. Accidental injuries can become permanent problems when not properly treated. With the help of an experienced and certified medical team, you can receive the high-quality healthcare you need. Speak to dedicated healthcare professionals who want to see you improve and have your wellbeing in mind. Contact Icon Medical Centers in Coral Gables to learn more about your condition.

Accident Clinic Coral Gables Accident Clinic Coral Gables Accident Clinic Coral Gables

Why Receive Medical Treatment?

You may not know much about your medical condition or why you are in pain. Worst of all, you may not even know how to solve the problem. When you receive a medical diagnosis, this begins the process of discovering how you can return to good health. Receiving medical treatment can make you feel great again and allow you to engage in normal life without pain. Our medical center cares about your longevity, and you should too. With medical treatment, you not only recover but can fully understand what type of injuries you have.

Types Of Services

We provide extensive medical treatments in areas that directly target injuries caused by traumatic incidents. After you were in a horrific accident, you can receive help in these areas:

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic treatment helps you regain mobility because it treats mechanical disorders. Our chiropractic physicians diagnose musculoskeletal disorders around the spine caused by issues such as slipped discs, bulging discs, pinched nerves, abnormal spinal curvature, and more. When you are suffering from wearying and chronic back pain, muscle weakness, tingling, and other musculoskeletal disorder symptoms, you should consider consulting with one of our chiropractic physicians.

Massage Therapy

More than just a normal relaxation session, massage therapy is a medical treatment that has a specific goal in mind to help improve your health. Massage therapy targets muscles that are healing, sore, tight, paralyzed, or in chronic pain. These therapists help you improve your range of motion and make you more flexible by enhancing the circulation in your muscles. Massage therapy also targets connective tissues, ligaments, tendons, and the skin.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is incredibly rehabilitative and can help injured people improve their movement after a serious injury. A physical therapist can also help you manage your pain and are useful in conditions with traumatic injuries and chronic pain. When you are unable to move after surgery or after a wound that was recently mended, your physical therapist is the one who will help you walk, lift objects, stand, and perform other simple tasks that you may have struggled with due to a personal injury.

Pain Management

Throughout your progress, you may be in great pain while recovering from your injuries. Even after you’ve healed, you may still be sore and fatigued due to lingering chronic pain. Pain can happen for several reasons and can be tied to nerve damage, tissue damage, and poor blood circulation. You can receive a treatment plan that includes top-notch remedies and prescription medicine with a pain management regime.

Emergency Surgery

In addition to medical treatment and supplementary care, you may require surgery depending on the circumstances of your personal injury. For example, a pneumothorax incident would result in you receiving speedy and immediate medical treatment to help you recover from your accident with the application of a chest tube. Traumatic accidents that require emergency surgery include cardiac events, trauma to the head or brain, severe burns, and any type of acute respiratory failure.


When dealing with an extreme case where you were paralyzed or suffering from a severe head injury, you may need to speak to a neurosurgeon specializing in central and peripheral nervous system disorders. For example, if you got hit with a blow to the spinal column that resulted in hemiplegia, you can consult with a neurosurgeon who can find out the level of damage and how to proceed with your case. Not everyone is eligible for neurosurgery, as there may be non-invasive procedures that you can also consider.

Learn More About Treatment Approaches From Medical Experts

You may not know about all the treatments available today, but after speaking with an experienced accident clinic, you can find out about cutting-edge therapies. It is tough dealing with injuries on your own, especially if they impact the way you live and work. Speak to a medical team that knows all about accidental injuries to help you get back to healthy living. Contact Icon Medical Centers today to learn more about your condition.