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Coral Gables Accident Chiropractor

Coral Gables Accident Chiropractor

We can help those suffering from an accident injury, so come to us for treatment for your auto accident injuries, sports accident injuries, workplace injuries, and more. We specialize in treating those who have been in an auto accident, but if you have been injured or are recovering from physical injuries of any kind, we can help. 

We can even help you manage your pain after surgery or a bone break in a secondary rehabilitative capacity. You will have a great experience at our highly recommended clinic, as we put holistic care and pain management at the heart of all that we do. It’s what makes us the ideal destination for your injuries and chronic pain conditions, like acute low back pain or even arthritis.

Coral Gables Accident Chiropractor Coral Gables Accident Chiropractor Coral Gables Accident Chiropractor

We build treatment plans with you in mind, so you’ll have access to chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage therapy, and more. Come to us for your accident injury recovery, and we will be there with you every step of the way.

We Treat Car Accident Injuries

We offer both chiropractic adjustment and physical therapy treatments for those suffering from auto accident injuries. All you need to get started is to schedule an appointment, though it is important to remember that you can get your health care covered by your auto insurance so long as you start within 14 days. The ability to get every ache and pain looked at and addressed, and have it covered? There is nothing better than to put a skip in your step.

We Treat Sports Accident Injuries

A Coral Gables chiropractor is also essential in sports accident injuries. Pain management here can mean all the difference for your future. Without us, you might be unable to continue to enjoy the sport that you love. This ranges from playing in the backyard with your kids all the way to surfing the waves.

We Treat Slip and Fall Accident Injuries

Your spine and joints aren’t just at risk in a car accident. Slip and fall injuries frequently cause damage to these areas, and in some cases, the pain will not go away on its own. To help stop the pain at the source, all you need is to call or make an appointment online, and we’ll get on your recovery ASAP.

The types of injuries that we treat can be from anything. If it is a physical injury, then the chances are that we can treat it. As our medical staff always checks you over, we can ascertain whether you would benefit from our treatment and will be there to personalize and tweak your treatment as necessary throughout your recovery. Slip and fall, workplace, sports, boating – the type of injuries can go on, but we can still help.

We Treat Chronic Conditions

You will be amazed at what a chiropractor in Coral Gables can do for those with chronic pain conditions. A great chiropractic physician can help those with sciaticaosteoporosis, and with a variety of other genetic or chronic pain conditions relating to the spine. Our physical therapy treatments can also help if you have issues in your tendons or muscles.

You’ll be more than satisfied with the service that you’ll receive from our experts here. We know it’s dangerous and not preferable to only rely on your pain medication for a chronic pain. Thankfully, as we accept medical insurance, you can get your ongoing treatment covered. Think of it as a chance to diversify and strengthen your pain management strategy. By also addressing the source of your pain in your body, you can reduce pain medication’s necessity.

Understanding When to Start Treatment at Icon Medical

It’s important to know when to start treatment for your accident injury. If you have been in a car accident, the answer to this question is a maximum of 14 days. If you seek medical treatment within this time frame, your auto insurance provider will guarantee your costs. Innocent, at-fault – it doesn’t matter because this coverage is guaranteed to you by Florida law.

With other accident injuries, it can feel more complicated. Thankfully we also accept coverage from your health care insurance company. This means you can enjoy a treatment from a licensed chiropractor and the rest of our team after just about any accident, including those that initially needed urgent medical treatment.

We are here for you and your recovery. Not only are all of our treatments personalized, but they also work with what you need. If you only need a few sessions to get you back up on your feet, that’s what you’ll get. However, if you suffer from chronic pain, we can build a lasting, holistic treatment plan that will work to reduce your reliance on pain medication.

All you need to get started with us is to book an appointment. Call or use our online form today!

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Coral Gables Accident Chiropractor