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Car accidents can cause all sorts of injuries – some of them may be very obvious and require urgent medical care from the emergency room. However, others may be more hidden and only manifest themselves later down the line when they have had a chance to get worse.

If you have had an accident and you’re looking for an auto injury doctor near Cutler Bay, FL, we can help. We have specialist accident doctors ai Miami accident clinic Icon Medical who will go through your injuries, give you a medical exam, ensure there is nothing urgent, and work with you to create a treatment plan going forward.

Your primary care physician usually won’t see patients that have been involved in car accidents, and this can be really frustrating if you don’t believe there is anything wrong but need to see a doctor for insurance purposes. This is actually a benefit to you though, as a primary care physician isn’t an expert in musculoskeletal or spinal injuries and may miss something that we won’t miss.

Book your appointment with us at our car accident clinic near Cutler Bay today and don’t delay. We recommend getting seen within 72 hours of your accident, but don’t worry if you miss this. By Florida state law, you must be seen within 14 days of an accident to be reimbursed any medical bills you incur as a result.

What information your doctor needs to know

When you go in for your appointment at our accident therapy clinic, one of our osteopathic doctors in Miami will ask questions about the circumstances surrounding your accident and how you are feeling as a result. It’s important that you inform them of even the slightest detail. Details such as which side of your car took the impact will be really important for your specialist to know.

If you can explain to your doctor in detail how you received your injuries, they will have more information to go on when making a diagnosis and determining the nature of your injury. This is important for doctors to work out the extent of your injury, any specific diagnosis (like whiplash), and to create a customized treatment plan for you going forward.

It’s likey that your specialist doctor at our car accident injury clinic may wish for you to have basic X-rays taken to ensure there are no hidden broken bones, and you may be put on specialist medications such as anti-inflammatory medication or even muscle relaxant medication.

Why are specialists important?

Musculoskeletal injury specialists and pain specialists are experts in their field. Within medicine, many healthcare practitioners choose to specialize in certain fields and become experts in those areas. This means that your primary care physician, who may be an excellent doctor, will have more generalized skills and experience, and he or she may miss a more specialist injury.

Doctors who specialize are more likely to pick up on hidden injuries and be able to suggest treatments such as physiotherapy, specific exercises or stretches, or an accident chiropractic treatment plan. These can ensure the injury heals properly and doesn’t cause problems later in life.

Specialist doctors can order the tests you need, whether that is MRI scans, CT scans, or simple X-rays. Depending on your particular case, they may also order more complex tests such as nerve studies or other further evaluation tests to get a firm diagnosis.

Due to their specialization, accident doctors are able to work with you to create a care plan and order any interventional treatment as needed or as medically appropriate.

How bad can injuries be?

The spine is an incredible structure. Not only is it flexible enough to allow for a full range of movement for most people, but it also houses the spinal cord, the very nerve that ensures we can walk and use our libs correctly.

Sadly though, the spine is also a very sensitive structure, and, although a master feat of human engineering, it can be susceptible to injury quite easily. Common injuries we see after a car accident include strained muscles, pulled muscles, ligament damage, ruptured discs, or even spinal cord injuries in some cases.

There are many injuries that can be caused by a car accident, but lower and mid back pain are the two most common types of injuries. Most of the time, these injuries aren’t life-threatening, and they will not be completely debilitating or result in any paralysis; it’s not uncommon, though, so it’s worth getting it checked out at an auto accident chiropractor near you.

For anyone who has suffered from back pain, particularly lower back pain, the effect it can have on everyday life must not be underestimated.

Many people who suffer from this type of back pain will end up needing to take days off of work and may not be able to participate fully in everyday life because of continued pain. Unfortunately for some, poorly treated or never treated back pain can have a knock-on effect and lead to serious issues with addiction to pain medications.

Therefore, don’t let this happen to you. Come to our accident clinic in Miami near Cutler Bay after an accident, even if you aren’t in that much pain. Let our team of expert doctors help you.

We are the accident chiropractor in Miami to visit if you need neck, joint, or back pain therapy in Miami.

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