May 14, 2020

Chiropractic Care

Do Chiropractic Adjustments Work?

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You may have heard a lot about chiropractic adjustment and be considering this kind of alternative treatment for yourself. Many people turn up at their chiropractor’s appointment imagining they will simply have their back cracked, but chiropractic treatments are a lot more complicated than that. However, no doubt, your main question will be, ‘does a chiropractic adjustment work?’, so here’s some information if you’re considering this type of complementary medicine.

What is chiropractic?

A chiropractor helps with issues related to muscles, joints, and bones, using their hands to carry out many different techniques that can ease pain in the back, neck, elbow or shoulder, improve posture, or help with other medical conditions such as arthritis. Many people see a chiropractor when they’ve suffered an injury; it can be from a trip and fall to a car accident and are dealing with the after-effects.

What happens during a chiropractic adjustment?

Depending on your condition, chiropractors use several techniques, including:

  • Moving your joints and muscles in short, sharp motions
  • Pulling and stretching your limbs into different positions
  • Manipulation and adjustment – when force is used on or around the spine to help with stiffness or for pain relief
  • Controlled, sudden force is used throughout, which is why it’s so important to see a qualified chiropractor for this treatment. 

During the session, you shouldn’t feel any pain from these movements or adjustments, if you do, tell your chiropractor so they can tailor the treatment accordingly.

Could chiropractic treatment work for me?

Chiropractic is seen as complementary medicine, which means it doesn’t completely replace traditional medicine, but works alongside it. It could potentially help you take fewer painkillers and deal with pain in a more natural way.

Treatment usually takes a few sessions, with most people reporting an improvement in their symptoms between six to ten sessions. 

The effectiveness of chiropractic has been shown for conditions such as lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, and other issues related to the spine. Around 77% of people who saw a chiropractor in the last year said the treatment was ‘very effective’, and it came out ahead of methods such as yoga, Pilates, and prescription medication. 

How well it works for you depends on many factors, from the severity of your symptoms to how many sessions you have and which other treatments you try alongside chiropractic. It’s often used alongside treatments like physical therapy and massage for maximum effectiveness.

How can I find an auto accident chiropractor near me?

Chiropractors undergo rigorous training at graduate school, and they must pass exams and be licensed by the state. Organizations such as the American Chiropractic Association oversee this. One of the easiest ways to find an auto accident chiropractor near you who you can be assured of is qualified and experienced is to contact the Icon Medical Centers, as we can match you with the right practitioner to suit your needs.

A chiropractic adjustment is a great way to deal with pain, so if you have had an injury or accident, it might be the right choice for you.