Chiropractor near Doral

Chiropractor near Doral

You need a chiropractic physician for neck pain, or back and spinal-related pain. You need physical therapy when you have joint or muscle damage. If you have been injured in an accident, you’ll need both. You’ll need more. Going from one clinic to another to get the treatment you need is not comfortable, nor is it smart. Icon Medical is the best all-in-one chiropractor near Doral, FL, because we can offer it all.

Book an appointment and go through your insurance company with us. You can go through your medical insurance, or if you are coming to us with auto accident injuries, you can even get your auto insurance to cover your costs instead. The only thing to remember in this instance is that you have 14 days to start your treatment. This gives you a great experience, yes, but it’s also the legal cut-off time before your car insurance company can refuse to cover your medical care.

Chiropractor near Doral Chiropractor near Doral Chiropractor near Doral

Always assume you need urgent medical care when you have been in an accident, especially if you were allowed to go home afterward. There are a lot of injuries that hospitals won’t treat because they can technically heal on their own. Just because they heal on their own does not mean they will heal perfectly. Neither does it mean that it won’t be a long, painful process.

The goal of our team of osteopathic doctors is to help you manage your pain relief and improve your recovery rate. We offer everything you need to be 100% satisfied with the service you receive and to feel more and more like your best self once again.

Our Treatments

We offer some great treatments here at Icon Medical, and those treatments go beyond standard chiropractic care. It’s just one of the reasons why we come so highly recommended for those who seek medical treatment after an accident, all the way to those who need ongoing treatment for their chronic pain.

Chiropractic Adjustment

One of our most popular treatments is sessions with a licensed chiropractor. The spine can be in a lot of pain, and unlike other injury types, the spine may not get better on its own. Acute low back pain can be something you end up suffering with. Heat patches can only do so much, and pain killers just mask the issue altogether. With a chiropractor in Doral, however, you can fix the problem at the source.

Physical Therapy

Chiropractic adjustment traditionally is rather limited to the spine. At Icon Medical, however, we offer so much more. If you need heat therapies to help you with your muscle or joint pain, then you have it. If you need electrical muscle stimulation in order to stop muscle spasms in your healing limbs, it’s yours. Your treatment with us is entirely designed with your needs in mind.

Massage Therapy

We offer some great massages for those who want to treat themselves as part of their health care regiment. Our massages are great for stress relief, but they were designed to help with your recovery. Your massage therapist will work out the stiffness in your injury and work to improve circulation so that your body can start healing compressed or bruised tissue.

Pain Management

We have two talented pain management physicians who are on board to help develop the perfect treatment plan for you. They are also capable of providing our last treatment type; pain management injections. These provide targeted relief, ideal for those who have serious pain after being in a hospital, or for example, a car accident.

Our Services

We offer so many great additional services to make it comfortable to get the care you need. Can’t drive after your car accident? We can arrange for transportation. Prefer to be treated in Spanish? Just let us know as we offer bilingual services to all of our clients. We are here for you no matter what, so if that means putting together evidence so you can win your compensation case, just let us know.

Enjoy Personalized Treatment with Icon Medical

When you call or make an appointment online with us, the top Doral chiropractor, you get everything you need for your recovery. Your treatment is personalized for your individual recovery, and this includes taking into account your own personal preferences.

Let us know what you are comfortable with, what pains you want us to look at, and we will work on a solution for you. This includes tweaking our treatments to better suit you and what you need.

We are here for you, so if you need anything, just ask. We cannot do everything, but we will do our utmost to accommodate you so that you can recover without stress. Your mental and emotional wellbeing are important to us and will be from the moment you schedule an appointment with our team.