February 19, 2020

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Hold Your Baby Without Breaking Your Back

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How to Hold Your Baby Without Breaking Your Back

For new moms, back pain doesn’t end after you have given birth. The amount of lifting, carrying and bending you will do when your new baby arrives will take a toll on your back over time. This can vary from standard back pain to more severe cases, such as herniated discs and sciatica. 

It’s essential to understand the healthiest and most pain-free ways to hold your baby to ensure comfort for both of you at all times.

Always Lift Your Baby Using a Healthy Maneuver

This is basic health and safety in regards to lifting anything which has a weight to it. You should always bend your knees when you lift to prevent back pain. If you are lifting your baby from the floor or an area lower down than you, always bend into a squat with your knees and lift instead of bending over and risking straining your back.

Tailor All Baby Items for Ease of Use

This is particularly important for the crib. Opt for a crib that has sides that can be lowered. You can avoid over-stretching your back when you are lifting your baby this way. This is also applicable to any equipment or items needed for the baby’s lifestyle, including changing tables and high-chairs. Anything which can be implanted to avoid awkward twisting or stretching is a must.

Maintain Good Posture When Nursing

You should get into a comfortable position with a straight back and adequate back support when you are nursing your baby. Try to avoid slouching forward and leaning over the baby when you are feeding, and bring the baby to you while you are in your upright position.

Find a Comfortable Baby Carrier

The best baby carriers when you are out and about should distribute the baby’s weight equally along your upper body. This could include straps and fastenings, which allow you to securely fix around your waist and shoulders, to ensure that all the baby’s weight is not pulling down in one particular place (and therefore straining that area to the max).

Try and use a comfortable carrier as often as you can instead of carrying your baby loosely on your hip, for example, as this will mean the baby’s weight will strain one side of your body and back. If you need to carry like this, try switching sides regularly to even it out. However, it should be advised that lower back pain from carrying your baby on the hip is likely to occur.

Take Care of Yourself

As soon as you are able to after giving birth, implement a strengthening and fitness routine to ensure that your back muscles are in the best condition and always stretched out.

You can also consider regular massage therapy to alleviate any built-up tension which may occur from constantly carrying your child.

Even when using these preventative methods, lower back pain from lifting your child can still occur when you are a busy mom constantly moving for the sake of their baby. That’s why, at Icon Medical Centers, we provide a variety of physical therapy and chiropractic treatments for back pain, perfectly tailored for the new mom.

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