Head Injury

One of the deadliest forms of injury you can receive is a head injury due to the many complications they can incur. Head injuries affect the head and the rest of the body because damaged brain tissue can result in neurological issues that can linger for years if left unresolved. After receiving a head injury, it is important to get medical attention to diagnose the type of head wound that you have. You may require surgery, physical therapy, or other treatments to help you get back to normal. Learn more by speaking to dedicated health professionals. Call Icon Medical Centers today for additional information.

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Skull Fracture

A break in the skull bone can cause severe problems resulting in brain damage, infection, leaking cerebrospinal fluid, bleeding, and seizures. Fractured skulls can take three to six months before they are completely healed. There are four main types of skull fractures, and they are depressed, linear, diastatic, and basilar.


Also known as bruises, hematomas are formed when a large blood vessel leaks into the neighboring tissue. This is what gives this injury the blue or black mark just beneath the surface of the skin. When trauma is very severe, hematomas are a possibility. However, typically they are not as serious as other injuries. When they occur in the brain and not the surface tissue of the face muscle, they must be treated to help recovery from debilitating trauma and internal bleeding.


This type of traumatic brain injury reduces the cognitive function of your mind. Although temporary, concussions result in problems with memory, concentration, hand-eye motor coordination, and balance. They can result in headaches and make you lose consciousness. They are often caused by a blunt force impacting the skull or violent shaking that causes the head to snap back and forth.


Brain swelling is a form of edema that is caused by excess fluid buildup in the brain that can result in death if not treated. The skull has limited room, so when the brain swells, this creates an increase in intracranial pressure. Edema can happen in different areas of the brain and cut off the circulation of blood to brain tissue. This can also deprive the brain of oxygen and prevent necessary fluids from reaching the brain tissue. Brain cells can be permanently damaged or die as a result of edema.


When the brain has received a terrible injury that causes bleeding, this is called a hemorrhage. Blood vessels that rupture and cause profuse bleeding can result in long-term damage or death. There are three types of brain hemorrhages: venous, arterial, and capillary. This refers to the type of blood vessel that is bleeding. For example, arterial hemorrhaging comes from ruptured arteries within the brain. Intracerebral hemorrhaging can also cause blood clots that increase the pressure on the brain tissue. There can also be epidural hematomas that occur between the skull and the dura mater.

How Are Head Injuries Diagnosed?

Before you know what type of head injury you have, you must present the symptoms to the doctor and get an imaging scan. You may receive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or a computed tomography scan (CT) to diagnose the type of imaging you have.

How Do Head Injuries Happen?

Head injuries can happen for a variety of reasons and are often the result of sports injuries. However, they can also occur at work due to job-related incidents, such as falling off a ladder. Slip and fall injuries are often the result of head injuries as well. They can happen when you are at a business, shopping center, or another’s premises and get injured due to poor property maintenance. Other injuries can happen due to the high impact of a car accident. Attacks and aggression can also cause a head injury if someone tries to harm you with a weapon or heavy object.

What Do I Do If I Have a Head Injury?

Once you have been injured, you should immediately get a doctor to check out your wounds. Head injuries are a serious threat to your health and should be treated immediately. This way, you can learn about what treatments are required to help you get back on your feet. Talk to a representative who can tell you about your healthcare options. When you are ready to speak to a knowledgeable representative, you can call Icon Medical Centers for additional guidance.

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Jackie Ferenczi
Jackie Ferenczi
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I got into a car accident in Miami 3 weeks ago and I am treating at Icon Medical Centers cause my PCP couldn't take me cause he didn't take my car insurance. So I found this place online so I figured let me try it out because my back was killing me. Everyone in this place creates an enjoyable atmosphere. I have been going here for a couple weeks now and would recommend anyone to go for chiropractic or massage therapy. The doctors treatment plans are always honest and pressure free. The staff is always friendly and personable. I appreciate the experience and again advise anyone to visit their practice.
Donald Camps
Donald Camps
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Got in a wreck 2 weeks ago and I googled this Medical office and I have to say WOW amazing! This place is treats you like VIP, I wasn’t expecting to get such good therapy in Miami, After a couple treatments I’m feeling super loose and sleeping much better, I was in bad shape when I first came in. Ernesto is an amazing therapist others are great as well.
Patty Young
Patty Young
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This is an excellent clinic, All the doctors are wonderful and also the staff are wonderful as well. I had it a horrendous headache and muscles spams due to a slip & fall. Since I been coming to take my therapy and alignments I feel so much better!! This is what I expect when visiting a doctors office: Friendly staff, a clean and comfortable atmosphere, and most importantly a knowledgeable and professional doctors who instills trust. This is exactly what I found during my visit to Icon Medical Centers in Miami. After one visit with Dr Hatgis, I learned what was causing my pain and received treatment. I feel great. Thank you very much for caring so much for your patients <3
Jimmy Baker
Jimmy Baker
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I was injured in a bad Uber accident and had to receive treatment for my back, I was not only in severe pain but I became depressed. Icon Medical Centers began treating me and the professionalism and expertise that they all displayed gave me the assurance I need to be able to cope with the experience of being temporarily disabled. All the doctors here always are professional and show concern and empathy to all of there Patients needs. The Staff members are very professional and knowledgeable in their profession they always greet you with a Smile and those smiles really lifted my Day's. Keep up the great Work It's important to know if your injured that you are in good hands. Thank you Sincerely
Kristin Clark
Kristin Clark
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Had an car accident , could not walk more then 5-10 min , after visiting this center for couple weeks , I started feeling the difference... place is always clean and neat... Doctors are extremely friendly and professional... girls from front desk are amazing , they are all so sweet. This place has some of the BEST Massage Therapists, they are all sooooooo nice and professional...
Lucy Pickard
Lucy Pickard
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I want to start to say thank you Icon Medical for treating myself and 2 kids like family ;))) I came to this medical office cause our primary Doctor refused to see us because we got injured in an accident and he told me he couldn’t see us. So I researched for a reputable place in Miami and this place was my top choice. Since I am a nurse at a hospital, I saw this clinic was accredited by the Joint Commision, which is VERY hard to get. Trust me I know how difficult it is to get such a high accreditation. But anyways I want to say from the staff & Doctors you all are amazing and we all feel so much better coming here and treating for our injuries. Ps They have parking

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