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Top 6 Health Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic Massage is a delicate, light form favoring the lymph flow. It is based on light, rhythmic and constant movements, only touching the skin, with an almost non-perceptible pressure. Being so fine, the patient may perceive it as useless, but after two-three sessions, its benefits can be seen. A Drainage Massage session lasts at least for one hour.


The Lymphatic drainage massage works best against cellulite when performed in the early stages, preferably right after having a surgery or liposuction. 


After Pregnancy and PMS

Hormonal changes during pregnancy women’s pre-menstrual time can affect fluid retention and swelling, which can be targeted by doing Lymphatic drainage massage.

Scars Reduction

The Lymphatic drainage massage can help activate lymphocytes and reconstruct old tissue.


The drainage massage can flush out liquid retained in the inflamed skin areas.


Lymphatic massage helps remove edemas and hematomas, plus boost tissue regeneration after surgery. It also helps flush the body of toxins and excess liquid.

If you’ve recently had surgery or would like to experience the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage, contact us today by calling (305) 858-8845.

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