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If you have been injured in a car accident or sports-related Injury, contact our Nationally Accredited Health Care Clinic today.

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Looking for medical help after an accident in Hollywood? Look no further than Icon Medical Centers. We are the only place to seek medical treatment, chiropractic adjustment, and physical rehabilitation after an accident. With experienced medical doctors and doctorate-holding chiropractors and physical therapists on staff, we are the best all-in-one rehabilitative center for those who need accident recovery.

We offer a great experience from the second you step foot into our Hollywood chiropractor clinic. We’ll get to know you, your needs, and work with you to build an incredible and comprehensive recovery plan. We have dozens of services you can choose from, allowing us to create the perfect recovery regimen just for you.

Don’t live with pain. Instead, get in touch with our team at Icon Medical Centers. We have so much to offer those living with chronic pain, or those who need help after an accident in Hollywood.

Welcome to Icon Medical Centers

Icon Medical Centers is so much more than just a licensed chiropractor. We have so much to offer because we want to be the only destination you need after an accident in Hollywood.

Exceptional Staff

Our exceptional staff of licensed physical therapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors work alongside our team of medical doctors to provide you with the best treatment for your auto accident injuries. If you have been hurt, and want to improve your recovery, we have the team that will see that happen.

Bilingual Services

Would you prefer to enjoy our services in Spanish? We offer all of our treatments in both English and Spanish so that we can provide the best in care to all residents in Florida.

Transportation Services

If you need transportation services, we can provide them. Don’t worry about being unable to drive or force yourself to take public transport. We can arrange both your lift to our clinic and back home.

Custom Wellness Plans Created for You

Our team will work to diagnose you and then work on building the perfect wellness plan for your recovery. We will consider your care from every angle so that you can feel better and heal better at our Icon Medical Hollywood location in Florida.

Accident Injuries We Can Help with at Icon Medical Centers

We offer chiropractic care and a variety of pain management services that work to improve your spine, your muscle health, and your overall recovery. With so many services, we are the perfect destination if you need help after an accident in Hollywood.

Auto Accident Injuries

Don’t wait for an auto accident injury to become chronic pain. Waiting does you a massive disservice, as you only have 14 days by law to seek out treatment if you want your auto insurance provider to cover the costs. Avoid missing this deadline and schedule an appointment ASAP so you can start your recovery and have it covered.

Sports-Related Injuries

Acute low back pain, knee pain, and muscle pain are all common in sports-related injuries. That is why it is highly recommended you invest in our sports physical rehabilitation, which uses many of the same treatments professional athletes use to improve recovery.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Your chiropractic physician can help with the aches and pains many experience after a slip and fall accident in Hollywood. By seeking out the best chiropractor in Hollywood, you can realign your spine so that you don’t continue to suffer from pain, tingles, and other similar symptoms along your spine, neck, and legs.

Workplace Accident Injuries

When it comes to health care, you need to be more than just satisfied with the service. You need to feel like you were listened to, and that your treatment plan was catered just for you. That is what we offer for those who need help after a workplace accident in Hollywood.

Chronic Pain Conditions

An accident injury can lead to long-lasting pain and disabilities. If an accident in the past has resulted in ongoing pains, visit us. We can help those with new disabilities and those dealing with conditions like osteoporosis or sciatica alike.

When to Seek Out Treatment after an Accident

Physical therapy should be seen as the next step if have been in an accident in Hollywood. Just remember to seek out our help after an accident in Hollywood within 14 days so that your insurance company covers your care. Book an appointment online and get the help that you need ASAP. We are here to start your recovery journey so you can move on from your accident as well as possible.

Book Your Appointment at Icon Medical Center Hollywood Today

If you are experiencing pain in your spine or muscles, then you need urgent medical advice. Our doctors are here to build a custom care package for you, so get started today and book an appointment with our team in Hollywood.

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