Hip Bursitis

Treating Hip Bursitis

Treating Hip Bursitis

Treating Hip Bursitis with Chiropractic Care

Trochanteric Bursitis (usually known as Hip Bursitis) is commonly seen in middle-aged women. It is the result of irritation in the small sacs in the hip that are filled with fluid, and it is one of the most common causes of pain in the hip. These sacs are called ‘bursa’, and they can be found in almost every joint in the body. Their purpose is to make movement easier, but with over 150 bursae in the human body, gradual wear and tear will inevitably cause bursitis.

Treating Hip Bursitis Treating Hip Bursitis Treating Hip Bursitis

Hip Bursitis is very common, as the hips are used in daily activities and sports, as well as in many jobs. At Icon Medical Centers in Miami, we have successfully treated patients with Hip Bursitis so that they can regain their quality of life and avoid the reoccurrence of the condition.

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Hip pain caused by Hip Bursitis is very common in middle-aged women who live an active lifestyle. The main problem and primary symptom of Hip Bursitis is pain in the hip. That pain will tend to worsen as pressure and stress are applied, and that makes treatment challenging. Hip Bursitis can be recognized by a variety of symptoms, including:

  • General hip pain, localized on the hip or the upper thigh
  • Hip pain that gets worse when physical tasks are tackled
  • Pain when walking, especially upstairs or up steep slopes
  • Increase in pain when lying down
  • Intense pain when the hip is touched

In most cases of Hip Bursitis, the pain that results tends to be noticeably worse at night, and the difficulties can only worsen because the patient is not able to get the sleep and rest that their body needs. Matters can be made even worse if there is an additional issue of inflamed tendons around the hip bone.

Note: Hip Bursitis is often mistaken for a Gluteus Maximus tear, as the symptoms are often very similar. At Icon Medical Centers in Miami, we can advise you on your condition and ensure that you get the right treatment to match your needs.

Several factors can lead to the development of Hip Bursitis. From isolated incidents to pre-existing conditions, it’s important to know if you are vulnerable to Hip Bursitis so that you can seek out professional treatment as early as possible. The most common causes of Hip Bursitis include:

  • Impact trauma: Sudden impact or regular low-level impacts can be a leading cause of Hip Bursitis. That’s why it is often treated with sport therapy techniques, as activities that expose someone to those impacts can directly lead to the development of Hip Bursitis.
  • Too much use: If you do a lot of repetitive actions at work, or you take part in a sport that requires physical exertion of the hip (such as cycling or running), then bursa inflammation can occur.
  • Issues with posture: Not all of the causes of Hip Bursitis are related to physical activity. Not only can poor posture itself lead to Hip Bursitis, the strain of sitting or standing in a poor posture position can lead to additional issues such as scoliosis. This, too, can lead to Hip Bursitis.
  • Calcium Deposits: Also known as bone spurs, these build-ups of calcium can then rub regularly against the bursa. This will inevitably lead to inflammation and the gradual development of Hip Bursitis.
  • Chronic Diseases: While less common, some conditions can lead to a higher risk of developing Hip Bursitis, If you are experiencing hip pain then you must let the team at Icon Medical Centers know of any medical history involving psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, or gout.
  • Obesity: Due to the demands being placed on the hip joints and the hip itself, being overweight can lead to a greater risk of developing Hip Bursitis.

At the Icon Medical Centers in Miami, we offer a range of treatments that can successfully tackle Hip Bursitis. Our treatment options will also address ways to avoid the recurrence of the condition. Our main priority is ensuring that you are aware of the need for rest. We will give you home care advice and ensure that you have any walking aids that you might need (including canes or crutches). However, as well as home care advice and education, we will also tackle your Hip Bursitis from a number of directions. These will include:

  • Medication: We will normally recommend taking over the counter medication for those suffering from Hip Bursitis. Ibuprofen or Naproxen are valuable anti-inflammatories that can help to alleviate the pressure on your hips, while also reducing pain levels.
  • Physical therapy: Our physical therapists will focus on the mobility and strength of your hip. Using proven physical therapy techniques, we will make sure that you can regain your quality of life. We will create a personalized treatment plan that takes into account your condition, your hobbies, and your employment. This personal approach is shown to be more effective than one-size-fits-all methods of treating Hip Bursitis.

Hip Bursitis is a painful condition that can seriously affect all areas of your life. We focus on alleviating the symptoms of the condition and developing a strategy that guarantees that you can continue your active lifestyle with minimal interruption. Contact Icon Medical Centers today to find out more about how we can help you treat and recover from the issues and symptoms of Hip Bursitis.