Don’t Miss the Downtown Hollywood ArtWalk on September 21st

The palm tree-lined streets of Downtown Hollywood are the ideal setting for cultural experiences, and on the 21st of September, the monthly ArtWalk will be hitting the area. A great way to find out about local artists, buy your own handmade items, listen to live music or simply enjoy the colorful atmosphere, the ArtWalk is a must for those who like all things artistic.

Take a tour

Whether you’ve never been to the ArtWalk before or simply want to learn more about it, taking a tour can teach you more about the art in Downtown Hollywood.

There’s a mural tour at 6pm where you can learn more about Hollywood’s colorful murals, and the gallery tour at 7pm allows you to meet local artists and enjoy a guided tour of some of the area’s best galleries. If you want to join in on these tours, simply meet at Anniversary Park at the Visitor Centre information booth.

If you don’t want the tour, but want to ensure you see all the murals, pick up an ArtWalk map which shows all of their locations, so you can go at your own pace.

Watch live performances

The ArtWalk always has a lively, buzzing atmosphere and it’s the perfect backdrop for live performances. There’s live music from jazz to rock and blues, and at the end of the artisan market on Harrison Street, you’ll find the main stage where IKO IKO are playing at 8pm. Some other things to look out for include a Capoeira demonstration, living statues and even digeridoo performers who can be found around the streets.

Every ArtWalk has its own special performances, and on the 21st September, there will be a demonstration of impulse art. Artist Daniel Pontet will be painting with his feet, with his inspiration coming from rhythmic drumming. It’s sure to be a unique and interesting event for anyone who likes seeing how artists work.

Go shopping

ArtWalk is a great excuse to pick up some unique, handmade items, and you could even start your holiday shopping early this year. In addition to the local vintage shops and boutiques that stay open late, the artisan market on Harrison Street stays open until 10pm, with pop-up shops, stalls and much more.

You can pick up jewelry, works of art, candles, clothing and lots of great things for your home.

Enjoy local food and drink

Downtown has some great bars and restaurants, and many of them will stay open during the ArtWalk, so you can grab a bite or a few drinks. There will also be stalls selling artisanal coffee and sweet treats, so you can try lots of great local foods during your walk, and maybe find a new favorite hangout spot.

ArtWalk is a great way to find out more about what Downtown Hollywood has to offer. With many free events to enjoy, you get a cultured night out as well as being able to relax and take in the lively surroundings and do some serious people watching.

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