Accident Injury Clinic Near Homestead

Accident Injury Clinic Near Homestead

Every time someone gets into a life-threatening accident, it can often leave them with partial to temporary disability that is difficult to recover from. Injuries can take weeks, months, or a year to heal based on the accident’s severity. Once you’ve been injured, you should get a certified physician to help identify your problems and get you on the fast track to recovery. You can receive a wide variety of options to help you figure out the best approach for you. Speak to educated and qualified medical practitioners to find out how. Call Icon Medical Centers today for an initial consultation.

Accident Injury Clinic Near Homestead Accident Injury Clinic Near Homestead Accident Injury Clinic Near Homestead

After Emergency Medical Treatment, I’m Still In Pain. What Do I Do?

You probably had to undergo emergency medical treatment after a horrific accident, but afterward, you may still be in pain because of your wounds. You may receive a diagnosis or an official prognosis of the type of disorder you have after being treated. If you are still struggling with pain because of your personal injury, you should consider speaking to a healthcare practitioner to determine what the pain is caused by. Sometimes, you may be stuck with a complex issue that requires a more in-depth approach to help you resolve your disorder. Some strategies for pain management can include facet block, trigger point, and epidural steroid injections.

How Can A Doctor Help Me?

Your doctor may recommend multiple approaches to help you overcome your pain. For example, you may be recommended physical therapy. This can include paraffin bath therapy, which uses heat to improve your mobility by warming damaged connective tissues. This is done with a bath of melted paraffin wax. Another way to reduce pain is electrical muscle stimulation which gently shocks the muscles to improve neurological disorders and mobility. Infra-red therapy is another treatment that uses infrared lights to improve blood circulation, pain relief, and muscle tension. Other treatments can include neuromuscular re-education and hot/cold therapy. Your doctor might also suggest massage therapy to help with muscle tissue injuries. For example, deep tissue massages help repair scar tissue and knots in injured muscles. A neuromuscular massage can help improve movement and radiating pain caused by pinched nerves. 

What If I Need Surgery?

Severe injuries sometimes require surgery to help you fully repair wounds. This can be said for spinal cord disorder, head trauma, and pneumothorax. However, not all cases require surgery. There are other treatment strategies you can consider. The best way to know if you need surgery is to speak with one of our medical practitioners to get accurate advice. We can provide neurosurgeons for central and peripheral nervous systems disorders. For emergencies and other issues, our orthopedic surgeons can attend to your needs.

What If I Don’t Want To Do An Invasive Surgery?

Instead of surgery, there are several non-invasive treatments you can consider. Instead of a lengthy surgery, you can also think about minimally invasive surgery such as endoscopic, thoracoscopic, and laparoscopic surgery. However, this is entirely dependent on the types of injuries you have. If your wounds are life-threatening and require immediate care, some surgery may be inevitable. 

What Kind Of Disorders Can I Get Treated?

Several doctors specialize in accidental injuries and can include physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, neurosurgeons, and osteopathic surgery. Speak with one of our healthcare practitioners to diagnose your disorder and learn what type of specialist you’ll need. You can receive treatment to help with issues with mobility and pain reduction, as well as mechanical issues. For example, you can get a combination of massage and physical therapy for deep tissue scars. You can have chronic conditions treated, including upper and lower back pain, neck pain, and sciatica. This can be helpful if you have suffered from a slip and fall incident or a car accident. 

Learn More About Your Options At Our High-Quality Clinic

You can expect top-notch services and medical care at our clinic as you progress to recovery. When you suffer from medical disorders that resulted from an accident, you shouldn’t delay getting treated. You might also experience pain that can’t be placated by medication and requires a more thorough approach. Sit down with an experienced healthcare doctor to help you understand your treatment options and how they can help you improve your situation. Every injury is different, and your medical history can play a part in what treatment you should receive. Only a certified medical practitioner would know what to do. Call Icon Medical Centers for a consultation.