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Being blindsided by an auto accident is never a pleasant experience. Having to receive care for both the physical and emotional impact can result in having to take time off work and require having to factor in rehabilitation and aftercare into already busy schedules.

If you have a car accident injury clinic near you, this can make life so much easier. Not having to travel for miles on end to receive expert treatment is a real blessing if you are still in physical pain.

After you have had an accident, it is important that you go through a few crucial steps first. Calling an auto accident injury clinic after you have been involved in an incident is certainly important, but it’s not one of the most urgent:

  • Call 911: particularly if you have been involved in a traffic collision, you will need to call 911 first. The reason for this is that you will need to have a report from the police or emergency services to give to your insurance provider.
  • Check yourself: after an accident, you may be in a slight state of shock, so you will need to quickly check that you don’t have any unnoticed auto injuries. These injuries will need to be noted for aforementioned insurance reasons.
  • Get out of harm’s way: if you are on a road, you will need to get to a safe location quickly. This eliminates the risk of encountering more injuries and making a bad situation worse.
  • Collect as much information as possible as you will of course need as much information as possible about the condition of your vehicle and your injuries. This will also help us, too, when we provide you a consultation. The more information we have on top of your assessment, the better.

When you drop into one of our car accident clinics, you can guarantee that the people who treat and assess you are registered and qualified in their field. For example, all of our neurosurgeons are board-certified, which will give you the reassurance that you need about any specific treatments you receive. If you are experiencing problems with your limbs and need to visit one of our orthopaedic surgeons, you can be assured in the knowledge that you are being treated in the hands of a professional.


This is particularly comforting when it comes to some injury treatments. While we aim to give you non-invasive methods of treating and healing pain, some people require treatments such as trigger point injections to immediately reduce soreness and inflammation. It may seem intimidating to some to receive a treatment that is so direct and arguably invasive, but you can be confident in the knowledge that you will always have a medical professional treating you.

Understandably, many people who are in pain after an accident want to avoid the possibility of surgery. While it can’t always be avoided, it is often beneficial for many patients to try out more measured methods of treatment and avoid surgery. It’s for this reason that we put many patients through physical therapy first to help reduce pain and improve their flexibility and mobility. However, if you do indeed need surgery, you can rest assured that you will be operated on by a certified accident injury doctor.


You can expect only the best chiropractic care, and a wide range of massages and therapies on offer. Deep tissue massages and spinal manipulation through chiropractic care can all be used to very effectively reduce pain and improve movement going forward.

The residents of Homestead are conveniently close to our clinic in Miami. In fact, they’re only 30 miles away from expert care. Homestead is just to the south of Miami, which means it’s just moments away from one of Florida’s hottest cities. Homestead has a number of great features, such as its parks and amenities, which makes it incredibly appealing to its residents. There are plenty of local boutiques and shops in homestead’s main town center, however, sometimes it’s worth taking the short drive down to Miami for more specialized services. We have auto accident clinics both in Miami and Hollywood, which means we will be within easy reach for the residents of Homestead.


If you have recently been in an accident, be sure to contact our clinic for care as soon as possible. By law, you are entitled to receive free care if you seek medical treatment within a fortnight after the incident. In terms of the broader picture, it is also helpful to seek medical attention as soon as possible to aid recovery. Walking, exercising and constantly irritating a personal injury may only stand to make it worse. Get it cared for and fixed as a matter of urgency for a far better quality of life. 

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