April 21, 2020

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How to Start Running

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Running is one of the best aerobic exercises that you can participate in if you want to keep fit and lose weight. Running is often recommended by chiropractors at Icon Medical as it can be performed anywhere, by anyone, and has a wide variety of benefits, including strengthening your muscles and bones and improving the health of your heart. However, motivating yourself to run regularly is a problem for many people. Here are some of the top tips that you need to follow in order to stick to your exercise plan.

Get the Right Equipment

Although anyone can run, going long distances is much easier on your body if you have invested in the right equipment. For instance, buying a sports bra and running trainers can give support while you are running and ensure that it has little impact on your body. Breathable Lycra clothing, such as vests and joggers, can also help you to increase your flexibility, while regulating your temperature.

Invest in a Fitness Tracker

Tracking your fitness can motivate you to beat your previous records and stick to a regular routine. Fitness trackers can record your times, distance, and calories burned, as well as track your progress towards your goals and prompt you to run if you are in danger of failing to meet your goal for the day. Wearable fitness watches are some of the best options for this purpose as they are portable and accurate. However, there are many fitness apps that you can download for your mobile phone that can always help you to keep your records with you.

Participate in a Challenge

Working towards a set deadline can be a great opportunity to motivate yourself to run on a regular basis and give meaning to your exercise routine. Although you should not place pressure on yourself to achieve all of your goals within a certain time limit, preparing for a marathon or completing a running challenge can be a great way to make continuous progress towards your goals and receive long-term gratification for it — all while hopefully raising some money for a good cause.

Set Goals

The most important tip of all is to set goals for yourself. The first thing that you should do when you decide to take up running is to write down what you want to achieve, whether it’s to lose weight, meet certain distance or time milestones, or train for a certain event. You should make sure that these goals are achievable and that you also set mini markers along the way to break down your mission. It is then important that you incorporate these goals into your overall plan, such as what time of day you will be exercising and for how long, and that you give yourself rewards for meeting these goals, such as new running gear or a trip to the spa.

Find a Running Buddy or Personal Trainer

Lastly, nothing can inspire you more when you first take up running than hiring a personal trainer or finding a running buddy who can lend support throughout the most difficult running days. Personal trainers can help you achieve your goals and find the best exercises for you. Also, having someone else to motivate you can make a huge difference to your positivity while you are working towards your goals.