Icon Medical’s Brickell Chiropractic Center

If you’re suffering from any form of back pain, be it from an auto accident, sports injury, or even what you’re putting down as “old age”, a visit to the chiropractor could be just what you need to improve both your spinal health and your overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Many people do not realize, but your back and spine are connected to many essential muscles and nerves, such as the sciatic nerve, and injuring these can be absolutely debilitating, leading to constant chronic pain that some people will not be able to cope with.

Visiting a specific spinal doctor though could be the answer to your problem, and a professional chiropractor, such as those working at Icon Medical Centers’ auto accident chiropractor near you in Brickell may be able to help restore you to health and fitness levels that you haven’t seen for years, perhaps even ever!

Although Icon Medical is a car accident injury clinic, the osteopathic doctors at the accident clinic handle more than just injuries deriving from accidents. Accident chiropractic care is no different than what people would consider regular chiropractic care, so visiting Icon’s Accident therapy clinic will give you the same benefits.

Can a Chiropractor Really Cure My Back Pain?

We know that it’s a bold statement. Still, for the vast majority of patients, chiropody can, in fact, improve their pain, significantly reducing it for most and completely eradicating it for many. While you may think it’s inevitable to suffer from some kind of back pain (and most Americans do), we don’t, and we don’t think you should put up with it either.

At your chiropractor appointment, we’ll split your care up into two main goals: long term and short term.

In the short term, we’ll be aiming to get you out of pain or to significantly reduce your pain through a mixture of hands-on treatment (manual manipulation and physical back pain therapy) and sometimes with the use of drugs. You’ll be given exercises to complete at home and a well-planned treatment plan to make sure it’s easy to stick to.

Long term goals include getting you out of pain or significantly reducing your pain in the long term as well as building your strength in other areas to support good spinal health.

Having a strong core gives the spine support and can really help to prevent further injuries.

Lifestyle Improvements

We may also go through your lifestyle and see if there are any improvements we can suggest. From simple improvements like making sure you get in a few thousand steps if you have a particularly sedentary desk-job, to other improvements like particular exercises to work on specific muscle groups or getting better-fitting shoes and a proper assessment for your sitting and standing posture.

It’s worth noting here that many spinal issues are caused by bad posture, both walking and sitting, and a sedentary lifestyle sat behind a laptop screen won’t help that. Especially a laptop screen because they are rarely able to be tilted in the right direction to ensure proper sitting at your desk.

Having the right ergonomic desk layout if you are a sedentary desk worker is as essential as wearing a safety hat if you’re a construction worker or a life jacket if you’re working out at sea. Many problems arise from bad sitting, and your company may even be liable if they knowingly allow you to work with a poorly set-up desk.

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