April 21, 2020

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Indoor Workouts to Stay in Shape During Quarantine

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Although quarantine may prevent you from going to the gym or heading out for extensive adventures in the outdoors, there is no reason why you should let yourself get out of shape. If quarantine has left you ignoring the advice of your chiropractor, and you have found yourself snacking in front of the television without a second of exercise, here are some of the top indoor workouts that can leave you fit and healthy once the lockdown has finished.

Celebrity YouTubers and Live Streams

One of the most positive elements to come out of the global quarantine has been the wealth of new and free content online, especially on video streaming platforms, such as YouTube. In fact, many celebrities have taken to social media to share their exercise regimes with the public daily. One of the most famous of these is Joe Wicks, whose ‘P.E. with Joe’ scheme is running until the kids head back to school.

However, anyone who has joined the morning workout will know that it is not only for the kids, as every day brings a unique HIIT workout to get your blood pumping — no matter how old you are. Although the live stream is broadcast from the UK, you can access this globally any time you feel the need to stretch your legs.

Video Game Consoles

If you are spending much too much of your time playing on video games during the lockdown, why not consider finding ways to disguise your exercise regime as gaming? There are many games that try to encourage gamers to get on their feet without even realizing the number of calories that they are burning off. This includes Fitness Boxing on the Nintendo Switch, which can help you to hone your virtual boxing skills. You should also consider rummaging through your storage boxes for your old Wii system, which was compatible with classic fitness games, such as Wii Fit.

Dance and Fitness CDs

Old-fashioned fitness can be the best option when you are looking to keep fit, and if your internet keeps crashing or you didn’t manage to get your hands on a games console before the shops shut, you should dig out your old dance and fitness CDs. These give you the opportunity to learn new moves and exercises from some of the best fitness trainers and personalities in the world. Dancing also has an incredibly positive effect on your mood, which can help to disperse the monotony of quarantine.


If you need to keep fit and de-stress, you should consider taking up yoga. Yoga can keep you occupied during the long days of isolation while also toning and stretching your body to its limits. Not only are there many mobile applications that can teach you the basic yoga moves, but you can also use online guides and videos to enable you to perform the most beneficial positions without having to attend a class.

5-Minute Exercise Routines

If you would rather exercise at your own pace, you should try to develop a 5-minute exercise routine for yourself. For instance, classic moves such as plank, star jumps, and press-ups can help you exercise each part of your body. You should also develop your own routine in line with your needs and what your chiropractor has recommended for your individual situation.