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This village in Miami is perhaps one of Florida’s most beautiful. Palm trees lining the streets and stunning views of the shimmering Atlantic make it an ideal vacation destination for many. Its residents get to enjoy some of America’s most beautiful scenery on a regular basis, which means that it’s full of people who are active with beach yoga, outdoor running and time spent in the waves. An active lifestyle can only be enjoyed, however, if you are fighting fit — which may not always be possible after a car accident.

Miami Shores Village

Our auto accident clinic will be ideal if you are based directly on the coast in Miami. This car accident injury clinic is perfect for anyone who lives in this residential coastal area and needs to drop by for an appointment to start healing any auto injury pain. Miami Shores is home to not only stunning seaside views, but also a golf course. Practicing your swing is a great way to spend your time out in the Sunshine State, but it can sometimes result in soft tissue injuries. 


If you don’t want to give up your weekends on the acres of Miami Shores’ immaculate golf courses, then drop by the clinic for a chiropractic appointment or sports massage. The best way to reach this part of the Miami coastline is to follow the Biscayne Boulevard, which follows a large portion of the coastline. You will want to follow the route from Hollywood, Florida to Miami, which will take you through a number of this region’s most beautiful coastal villages and towns.

Auto Accident Injuries We Can Treat

We aim to provide the nearby residents with the best chiropractic and physical therapies in order to heal and treat chronic pain as a result of accidents and injuries. We offer a wide range of treatments which would be ideal for a number of quite painful conditions. Here are just a few conditions that we can treat here at our Florida clinics:


  •   Back pain: one of the best aspects of getting an assessment, and then chiropractic care, is that it may be possible to diagnose the case of your back pain. This can be particularly liberating if you have had to take extended time off work or have skipped enjoyable activities as a result of the agony you have been experiencing.
  •   Whiplash: this type of injury is very commonly caused by injuries, which is why our clinic could be very useful to you. This happens when your head is lifted slightly beyond its usual capacity, which creates a strain just under your skull. However, it’s not only the strain which can be debilitating for people. This quick straining action can also result in herniated discs and other complications such as pinched nerves.
  •   Neck pain: neck pain could be caused by a significant accident, a strain or a sports injury — but so often with this form of injury it’s just a case of built up causes. There are many very modern cases of a sore neck, including sitting poorly at your desk and craning to look at your smartphone. A doctor should always check to make sure that the cause of your neck pain isn’t something more serious first, however.
  •   Sciatica: the sciatic nerve is, in fact, the largest nerve in your entire body. You may know if you have sciatica if you have what feels like a trickling pain down the back of your legs. Irritation of this nerve can create a burning or twinging sensation which can be incredibly disruptive to everyday life. It’s always worth communicating with your doctor to find the real cause of your sciatica, as there are many.
  •   Herniated discs: these almost gel-like sacs that sit in between your vertebrae do a lot of work to keep you comfortable on a daily basis. If one of them ruptures, your vertebrae will start to rub together, which can be agonizingly painful. Those who have been unfortunate to suffer from this problem understandably often want it treated as soon as possible to relieve the pain.

When you visit our clinics you can be safely assured that you will be offered injury treatment that has been chosen specifically for you. We will never apply catch-all treatment to your injuries; instead, we will pair you with accident injury doctors who can provide tailored options and really help you in the process of recovery.


Miami is the place to be when it comes to restorative physical therapies. Our auto accident injury clinics are home to some of the best orthopedic surgeons in Florida, and all of our practitioners are certified. If you have been injured and have had no follow-up therapy for your chronic pain, then do not hesitate to contact us. We can get you a consultation to determine the cause of your ongoing symptoms and provide you with expert care and therapies to heal and improve them. 

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