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Having an accident injury clinic close to your neighborhood will inevitably save you plenty of hassle and time. If you are experiencing shooting pains or aches, then you will ideally want to get these sorted as soon as possible — rather than waiting around for an appointment to become free. Florida is called the Sunshine State for a reason, and it would be a shame to waste its glorious weather by sitting indoors and missing out on all of the fun. For those in the historical neighborhood of Coral Way, an auto accident injury clinic is just around the corner.

What Happens in an Accident Injury Chiropractic Clinic?

As the name suggests, we specialize in providing expert care to those who have suffered the effects of an accident. Not only do accidents take an emotional toll on those who suffer from them, but they also affect people physically. While some are lucky enough to walk away from an incident relatively unscathed, many people end up with herniated discs, whiplash and different types of bodily pain. This can cause someone to have to take time off work and it can have a profound effect on how they feel emotionally. Our car accident clinic in Miami is built to help people overcome this challenging phase in their life by providing a good variety of treatments to strengthen and heal injury.

Close to Our Car Accident Injury Clinics

Coral Way is located in Miami’s Coral Terrace and Coral Gables area, and is just a moment’s away from Miami’s main beaches. You may know that if you have driven through the Coral Way area, it has some of the region’s most stunning early 20th century architecture. The homes there are built in the Mission Revival style of design, and you may even find some Art Deco buildings in there too. These homes mostly originate from the mid-1930s, which makes it such a pleasant road to drive down.

This is a handy area to have an auto accident clinic as Coral Way mostly connects Coral Gables to the main City of Miami. You will be just moments away from our Miami accident clinic, and not too far away from our Hollywood one.

When Do I Contact an Accident Injury Clinic?

If you are living in the Coral Way area, and you have recently been in an accident, you may be wondering when it is the best time to see an accident injury doctor. It’s always worth noting that after an accident, your first port-of-call is to ring 911 to deal with the immediate damage. After that, you should not waste time contacting us for your aftercare. It’s never wise to let injuries develop and get worse, and so immediate treatment is always a safer option.

Will My Condition Get Treated?

If you are experiencing pain after a nasty accident then it’s very unlikely that we will not be able to treat it. After all, most pains and soft tissue injuries affect the muscles and bones, which is what our specialists are trained to treat. If you are in any doubt, here is a brief run-down of what we treat here in our clinic:

  •   Sprains: twisting, contorting and force can cause various extremities and parts of our bodies to get sprained in an accident.
  •   Whiplash: if you have been in a car accident, this is a very common injury. This is caused by your skull moving upwards in an unnatural fashion away from your spine. It also comes with some equally nasty complications such as pinched nerves and slipped discs, so do contact a doctor if you feel that your whiplash is unusually painful.
  •   Sciatica: this is the largest nerve in your body and one of the most painful if it is affected. Pain running down the back of your legs is likely to be a large indicator of sciatic damage.
  •   Lower and upper back pain: this is exactly as it sounds, and often very easily soothed through chiropractic and physical therapy. Back pain in general can be very easily diagnosed during a consultation.
  •   Neck pain: even neck pain that’s not as severe as whiplash can be debilitating, particularly if it’s caused by a more significant medical condition. Our massage therapists and accident chiropractors are trained to massage and manipulate muscle to lessen the discomfort neck pain can cause.

Florida is lucky enough to have state laws that protect victims of accidents, so if you have been unfortunate to experience one, then contact us immediately. Your first resort should always be to call the emergency services, but after that you should be looking at longer-term therapy to ease any painful symptoms of damage caused by your accident. If you are worried that your injury is too specific to be treated, then please think again. We have expert personal injury physicians who are equipped to deal with all sorts of musculoskeletal problems, and have extensive experience.

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