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Are you considering to visit an injury Clinic Near Cutler Bay, Florida?

This new incorporated town in Florida is the ideal place to have an auto accident injury clinic. Florida’s residents like their sand, sea and surf, and so lifestyle injuries are bound to happen as a result of this abundance of outdoor activities. Some injuries, on the other hand, have been caused by much more frustrating, and sometimes completely random, events. If you are suffering from the consequences of a car accident, here’s how our accident injury chiropractic clinic can help.

Experiencing a painful personal injury as a result of an accident is never fun. Accidents often appear out of thin air and can feel completely random, so to suffer a long-standing injury from something unplanned can feel incredibly frustrating. Taking time off work can be hugely damaging to some victims’ confidence, and so it’s best to find injury treatment as soon as possible.

After an accident, your first duty is to call 911, but after you have left hospital, your next task should be to find aftercare for your car accident injuries. If you need a reason to reach out to our car accident clinics in particular, it might be helpful to know that we have some of the best orthopedic surgeons in Florida. These medical professionals are on hand in both of our Florida clinics (Hollywood and Miami), which means you will get a comprehensive, expert consultation.

You should never worry that your problems are too complex or too simple for us to help. Our orthopedic surgeons can help with everything including the following conditions:

  •   Ganglion cysts
  •   Pelvic and hip fractures
  •   Dislocated limbs
  •   Joint problems
  •   Osteoarthritis
  •   Carpal tunnel disorder (a form of RSI that makes it painful to make a particular movement, especially in the hands)

One of the main perks of having an on-site orthopedic surgeon is that they understand that these are often just symptoms of a much larger, often much more serious, problem. If one, or a few of these issues are causing you real discomfort, then you should contact us immediately for a consultation.

When it comes to new areas, Cutler Bay is about as new as it comes. This area was only founded in 2005, which makes it an exciting area to create an auto accident clinic. It’s an incorporated town that is very close to two airports, as well as the Miami Zoo. It is just off Interstate 1, which makes it incredibly easy to access if you are driving through the area. 

We have accident injury clinics along the coastline of Florida for a good reason. These areas have a healthy combination of active young residents and elderly citizens, both of whom are just as prone to incurring back or limb injuries in their lifetime. Injury clinics are great for residents who want to be able to get their pain issues seen to with minimal fuss, along with an easy-to-arrange appointment. With a car accident injury clinic so close to this densely populated area, you can guarantee that you will be able to get an appointment with an accident chiropractor or massage therapist.

It is difficult to give a detailed outline of how we will specifically treat you, as that will very much depend on your personalized consultation with a physician. However, we have a wide variety of therapies which aim to soothe, repair and build strength in our patients.

A qualified accident chiropractor, for example, will manipulate your back to realign your bones and connecting tissues to reinstate some ease and comfort in your back. This is ideal if you are experiencing general back or neck pain as the result of an accident.

Physical therapy, which is a broader term for some of our massage and rehabilitation therapies, will help to improve your flexibility and mobility. This could be combined with some more direct therapies, such as a trigger point injection. This is particularly helpful for those who have recently had problems with mobility and pain, and want the issue to be numbed immediately while continued treatment is happening. 

Meanwhile, those who suffer from pain and inflammation may prefer our paraffin bath therapy, which not only provides an intensely soothing treatment for aches and pains, but also softens skin in the process. What we offer will always come with the intention of healing your symptoms and ensuring you leave our clinic feeling more confident and at ease.

Cutler Bay residents who have recently been in an accident now have somewhere nearby that they can visit which will aid them in their recovery. While being involved in a damaging incident can be detrimental to your confidence, there is no reason why you should tolerate the physical symptoms for longer than you have to. If the prospect of surgery frightens you and you want to try something more soothing and practical, then give us a call or drop by our accident clinics in Miami or Hollywood. 

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