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The residents of Miami are no stranger to the aches, pains and sprains that can come with an active lifestyle. However, sometimes these aches and pains are actually the result of a particularly bad accident, such as a road traffic collision. Having a place you can go to for a chiropractor, or for a massage to manage your pain that’s close to your local neighborhood, will save you the effort of making long and arduous journeys to the nearest city for help. Our accident injury chiropractic clinic in Miami is really just a stone’s throw away from the local residents of Edgewater, Florida.

About Edgewater

The neighborhood of Edgewater is on the rise, and so, of course, its residents should all be free and easy to enjoy that hot Florida sun. This area of Miami is known for being the ideal commuter spot, which means it’s full of busy Florida residents that spend their mornings hunched over their steering wheel or putting their back out of sorts by sitting at their desk for too long. This could be unbearable when coupled with the side-effects of experiencing an auto accident injury.

What happens first?

The process of getting physical therapy is one that is taken seriously, and so you can expect a thorough evaluation first. When you come to one of our car accident clinics, our accident injury doctors will do an assessment to understand the complexity of your needs. This will involve an evaluation of your mobility, flexibility, and of course, the pain you are currently experiencing. Physical therapy aims to heal the effects of injuries, and so this first stage is vital for being able to give you a tailored service and treatment.

What happens during a chiropractic session?

You may understandably have questions about what actually happens during a chiropractic session. If you have ever had a deep-tissue massage, you can expect a similar experience, but it will be by a licensed professional who will take the time to realign your spine and really get down into the problematic areas of your back. They do this by:


  •   Manipulation of the spine: the chiropractor will apply their hands and use force to realign the vertebrae, joints and muscles around this area
  •   Massaging and maneuvering your joints to improve flexibility
  •   Sharper movements to relieve tension
  •   Stretching your muscles and massaging them to relieve tension and pain, and also increase your flexibility
Why would I need to visit an accident chiropractor?

If you have recently had an accident or sustained an injury, you may need to visit a chiropractor in order to relieve the tension or damage that you have sustained. Chiropractors are highly skilled and aim to relieve you of the symptoms of your injury through a course of different injury treatments.

What other therapies are offered at our car accident injury clinic?

We don’t just offer chiropractic help. In fact, we offer a wide variety of treatments that aim to boost your flexibility and movement over a course of visitations. For example, we can offer you:

  •   Swedish massage: this is a therapeutic and relaxing massage that is perfect for relieving tension and pain.
  •   Paraffin bath therapy: this therapy has multiple benefits, such as reducing inflammation, softening skin, and of course, relieving long-standing pain.
  •   Trigger point injections: these get right to the source of the pain, which helps to relieve the problem quickly and effectively.
How qualified are your accident doctors?

You can guarantee that anyone who treats you in the accident injury clinic will be completely qualified to look after you. All of our physicians are incredibly experienced and have extensive knowledge in neurology, emergency medicine, orthopedics and other forms of physical medicine. All of our chiropractors, too, are fully licensed. When you walk through our doors, you can be reliably assured that the treatment you receive will be 100% professional and gained from extensive hands-on experience.

Where is our auto accident injury clinic located?

Edgewater is located in the north of downtown Miami. If you’re taking the interstate, it can be found in the middle of I-195 and 1-395. Edgewater is also on the cusp of Biscayne Bay, which is conveniently near Miami Beach. The appeal of Edgewater is its accessibility to Miami (where you will find our clinic) and its walkability. You can easily, for example, take a walk down to South Beach, or you can have easy and instant access to the nearby interstates.

If you have recently sustained an injury through exercise or an accident, do not delay in getting the pain seen to and fixed. It can be incredibly frustrating to live out your days in constant agony, or struggling to get up from your chair and complete basic activities. Visiting one of our accident injury clinics will see you getting a thorough assessment and a tailored approach to your therapy to match. If you have any questions, give us a call or swing by our Miami auto accident clinic. 

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